"How" and "What" are the critical questions in defining the role of governments in tourism

There should be a solid and valid tourism strategy that is followed closely by the government of the nation in question, and it should be well defined and real. 


It is not enough to compete  with the world of tourism , if the clearly differentiated destinations have not established strategies, systems and processes to deal with the delivery of  specific tourism objectives.

Inviting the world travelers in tourism to your destination is not enough, actually it can be very dangerous if the destination is not ready with a strategically strong background established by the government. It can sell its soul that results in losing its culture, character and respect for each other in trying to earn money from tourism and tourists. What they are trying to sell becomes cheap without a soul and no character. That is very dangerous for a nation as cheapness without taste and unfortunate buildings that destroy the natural beauty and culture and archeology does not attract attention. To overcome that, a nation needs to know its values and be proud of its past looking to the future with sustainable projects that help keep its identity.

IDENTITY brings a good IMAGE and Image with Identity brings QUALITY tourism to a destination..
In defining destination BRAND, the people of the destination must be proud of;
-Their culture
-Their Spirit
-Their Personality
-Their future aspirations must must not be lost

The destination "home" is important and must not be spoilt by unnecessary visitors that consume time and energy leaving nothing but a worn out "home".















 Sevil Oren