If we are targeting destination BRAND we have to know about “VOICE”.

The main two priority of the BRAND, the Traveller and the People of the destination must be in some form of unity to create the desired effect. BRAND invites the TRAVELLER to a destination and ensures that the EXPERIENCE will be great for them. The Traveller is promised somehow to be satisfied.

The People of the Destination are the ones that will make this work with their Culture, Spirit, personality, Future Aspirations. They should proudly serve in their own way as hosts to the visitors to their destination.

Vision, Originality, Icons, Competitiveness, Experimental = VOICE In order to have a successful and powerful destination BRAND the fundamentals of its "VOICE" should be focused on.

The energy and personality of the destination expressing its goals and with a belief in their dreams waking up to a proud reality, is important. . Past, Present and Future of the destination if well positioned and presented with an inspiring personality creates excitement and motivation for the traveller to visit. This is VISION.

The destination must have a story that is unique, authentic and compelling. This is ORIGINALITY.

Elements of Art and Culture, Sport, Wildlife, People, Architecture, Environment (natural and ecological) are the ICONS that enable the traveller to discover new experiences beyond their expectations.

The interest of the traveller is not so easy to grab and hold the attention for a long time really, it needs creative, powerful, positive attitude backed up with advertising. Creativity in media is important to make sure that the destination BRAND's voice is heard as powerfully, meaningfully and as clearly as is possible. This is Competitiveness.

An emotional connection with the traveller that empathises on feeling as well as seeing and doing has become very important in today's travel. A relationship between the destination and the traveller to be established with its culture, people and nature has become the meaningful tool that creates the desire to visit the destination and maybe stay longer or re-visit. This what the E of the VOICE stands for EXPERIMENTAL.

The VOICE of destination BRANDS opens the world of development, growth, appreciation, competitive power with the most important prize for a destination, pride in itself for proving its identity to the world.