Turkey has been moving fast in finding its place in the world recently.

Our food, culture, nature, hospitality, fashion, art, festivals, sailing, highlighting the unknown parts of Turkey for tourism is giving its fruits. However, the danger of losing all is at our threshold with the application of unwanted projects that will spoil the nature and culture in the short-long period is just around the corner as well, waiting in the name of bringing prosperity with the projects and products that have not been carefully studies for long-term results.

As the world is changing its mind towards the right direction of sustainability, eco-tourism, organic food, eco-villages, recapturing the GREEN attitude, WHERE ARE WE?

This is very serious for Turkey as all that will make us loose our nature  and culture is being brought to our use through' money powered' groups. Turkey was and still is at some parts virgin as far as the soil that is necessary for "organic plantation" is concerned. Our natural resources, rivers, lakes, green pastures that feed our animals for milk, meat, poultry, eggs are still not poisoned by chemicals just because those areas have not been yet opened to tourism that might bring unfortunate nature killing hotels, buildings that destroy  visionary satisfaction(especially at the Black Sea Region), not giving a second thought to building railroads at suitable land positioning(again like the Black Sea Region). Why cant we even copy good things, if copying is in our nature like Switzerland that has the railroads that surround the mountains and attract quality tourist to that area. Roads that are not backed up with railroads and water-way travelling wherever possible bring in the traffic jam, unhappy tourist, unhappy economic growth.

sevil-oren.jpgThe third bridge, the HED, the farmers that are encouraged to grow chemical fed products, the population that has been left ignorant regarding the consumption of these goods will not bring a healthy, wealthy, prosperous generation that will govern Turkey to future.

We need to look and absorb where the Tourism is heading in the world. The global attitude is "GO GREEN" if you want to survive in health, wealth and economic growth that is the two front wheels of tourism.

Turkey is at the cross-roads of civilizations but if not careful shall be at the cross-roads of spoiling its nature and tourism.

The trend is simple, safe, natural not chaotic, dangerous, unnatural. The world is full of these hazards anyhow. Let us be wise and preserve and develop what has already been given to Turkey in abundance as far as untouched natural resourses, a rich cultural heritage, and somehow still full of smiling people.


Sevil Oren