Bruvion Launches Alternative Luxury Travel Services

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Bruvion announced ALT By Bruvion, a new company catering to the travel needs of the LGBT community.

Alternative Luxury Travel (ALT) appeals to open-minded individuals looking for life-enriching and memorable travel experiences. Whether it’s an exotic trip down the Amazon or a weekend getaway in New York full of pampering, ALT offers the ultimate in luxury and adventure travel.

With over 60 years of experience, ALT flawlessly executes travel arrangements from the complex to the routine for both clients and members. While clients get full access to Alt’s hands-on concierge services, members (for a nominal fee of $20/year) get access to:

•     Online booking tools including discounted hotel/airline rates, amenities, personal support, and a personal profile on the website

•     Exclusive event invites

•     Discounts on ALT group travel packages

•     A Trevor Project donation for every booking made by new members

“For 10 years, we’ve offered world class travel services to Bruvion clients quite successfully” says Co-Founder Jason Couvillion. “With ALT by Bruvion, we can now offer the same great travel service but tailor it even more to our LGBT clientele. Different destinations are great for different types of people. As a gay owned and operated company, our experience affords our clients an insight that they won’t find at other travel companies.”

Drawing on their insight of travel experiences, ALT’s team has compiled a list of 8 places for LGBT to avoid or to visit in 2013.

Most Opulent Destination: Sardinia, Italy

A playground for the social elite who flock here with their yachts each summer to see and be seen, Sardinia offers many luxurious 5-star hotels featuring the most expensive rooms found anywhere.

Hottest New International Destination: Bhutan

This small Buddhist country in the Himalayas is opening their arms to tourist, but only to a certain number each year.

Most Dangerous U.S. City To Visit for Gay Travelers: Detroit, MI

A slumping economy, increase in crime, high number of landmark gay bars closing and a severe lack of smart accommodations puts Detroit at the top of our list of U.S. cities to avoid.

Best Destination For Gays & Their Girlfriends: Istanbul

Good-looking men both gay and straight, centuries of history and culture on every corner, Istanbul is perfect for a gay guy and his gal pal.

Best Gay Family Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark

A very open and accepting culture, an amazingly beautiful city and sites for kids and adults. Plus there’s nightlife once the kids go to bed.

Most Overrated Destination: Dubai

Full of hype and far removed from reality; Dubai is a big city in the middle of a desert with little charm, less visible history and antiquated laws.

Best Destination For Singles: Paris

With its opulent hotels, amazing food and fashions, Paris offers more than enough distractions to keep any single person occupied and carefree.

Hottest Gay Event Destination: Sydney/Cairns

Let your hair down at Sydney’s Mardi Gras then escape to recoup at The Great Barrier Reef.

Making up ALT’s Executive team are Bruvion founders, John Rukavina, Ken Bruce and Jason Couvillion along with events producer Tom Whitman.   Their collective backgrounds unite to create an impressive resume of seasoned professionals with knowledge of both travel and marketing to the LGBT community.

For more information on ALT by Bruvion, please visit:

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