Can hotels be the choice target for Destinations?

  • Published by Sevil Oren
After visiting Mauritius I can say that it can. I had heard about Mauritius long long time ago from a German Businessman on our way to Japan for a wedding at Hotel Okura of our mutual Japanese friends.

I had been seeing photos of the beautiful island with hotels designed to complement the natural beauties of the surroundings.

As I was planning to visit my family in Australia, a press invitation came to visit the island and stay at the Constance Hotels. The Ministry of Tourism & Leisure had organized the tour with the Constance Hotel Chain that had two hotels on this island. We flew with Emirates via Dubai as Turkish Airlines is not flying to Mauritius. This was underlined in bold letters by the Minister, Michael Sik Yuen during our press meeting. They were very enthusiastic for the Turkish visitors to enjoy the beauties offered by the island. The Minister continued by saying that "a rainbow of Turkish Culture is present here and that Turkey is an important market for us". A conversation with the General Manager of Turkish Airlines at ITB, encouraged his hopes that there might be the possibility of direct flights to Mauritius in the not so far future. The Minister had seen the potential for Turkey in 2011 with the growing market demands of China and Australia.

Turkish Airlines flights to Maldives have started in February 2013 so there is place for hope.

Mauritius as an island is not comparable to other islands, The Minister said and I took his word for that as I had not seen the other islands. Mauritius is not only a beach destination as it has other delightful activities on land and under the sea; swimming with the dolphins, kite-surfing, walking with the lions, diving into the wonders of the colorful under-sea life.

Yes, Mauritius is charming, varietal tastes and delights can be found there but without a proper destination marker, the hotels that complement the beauty, nothing much could have been achieved.

That is exactly what the Constance Hotels are doing with their UNIQUE and ULTIMATE concepts. They have the luxury that is well handled without too much pretention and getting all over you. I think they have mastered the art of luxury with culture. The architecture is especially complimentary as it is in such a unique harmony with nature. The hotel/resort complex was definitely designed and brought to life with a group that was in cooperation with each other’s views. The Constance Hotels makes you feel like a prince or a princess but "not in exile". The culinary delights are exemplary with their presentation, taste, fusion of a delicate kind. The table lay-out for different occasions were elegant with signature cutlery.

constance-mauriceThe chefs loved to cook for the guests with fresh, organic ingredients from the hotels gardens and organic local markets.

I have to indicate the care for details. On the beach they ask for your glasses to shine and offer reading glasses to read the menu at dinner (in case you have forgotten them in the room or there was no place in your tiny purse when you wanted to look elegant and without a cataract). That was at Constance Prince Maurice, the Ultimate Experience. At Constance Belle Mare Plage, the resort hotel you are left to live the Unique Experience without too much pampering. That was the difference between the Ultimate and Unique and I had to live that to understand. I might prefer the Ultimate as sometimes I like to be on my own.

Definitely a Destination Wedding and Honeymoon with a great potential or long time married couples to renew their delight in each other and fall into another kind of love necessary for the "YOUNG AT HEARTS". Also, families with their small kids can enjoy a serene holiday at the Villas as if in their own yard. The noise is solely consisting of the singing of the birds, lullaby of the waves, and the whisper of the plants and trees.

The perfume of flowers and spices with the smell of the sea and the green grass can make you tipsy without a drop of alcohol.

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