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Cape Town

Africa is a massive continent which is home to over a billion people. Just like other people from elsewhere, Africans like to unwind and have a good time.

The African landscape is unique, it is unlike anything you have ever experienced. There are a lot of tourist resorts here, showing off the natural beauty that embodies this continent. So it is not surprising at all to see that you can find many quality casinos here. This article is your insiders’ guide to African casinos. Let us show you what you can expect should you come here.

Palace of the Lost City - South Africa

Mzansi, as it’s affectionately called by the locals, is more than just home to the big five. This country is home to more than a 57million people and has a booming middle class. One of the most well-known casinos in South Africa is the Palace of the Lost City. This is the ideal destination for players who enjoy all the pampering that comes with a 5-star experience. When visiting this resort, make sure you set aside some time to go for a safari in the magical Pilanesberg Game Reserve. 

South Africa has more than 40 active casinos. This easily places it in front of other African countries when you consider sheer numbers. Johannesburg is where you will find the Gold Reef City casino. This is another fantastic venue for those who prefer the city scene.  

Casino De Maurice - Mauritius 

Anyone who has watched 007 movies, may also have dreamed of one day visiting a luxurious casino wearing a tuxedo or business suit. Obviously, an ordinary person would not have the same ease between roulette and blackjack tables. So, it would be better to get in a bit of practice on casinos not signed up to gamstop, just to be ready when the opportunity arises.



What better venue is there to start your gambling bender than in Mauritius? This is a country which has built a reputation as the ideal destination for honeymoons, weddings, and vacations. But even gamblers can also come here to enjoy the reels. The venue for such an assignment is Casino de Maurice. You need not produce any ID when you gamble here. In true James Bond style, this is the perfect place for players who want to play blackjack, slots, and roulette.

Gaborone Sun Casino - Botswana

You would be forgiven for being a little surprised to see Botswana on this list. This is a country that many would associate more with deserts and diamond mining than gambling. But Botswana is home to the magnificent Gaborone Sun Casino. This is where you come to play and unwind when you are looking for a 5-star experience. This casino is part of the Sun International Group, which owns no less than 30 hotels across the continent.

Golden Key Casino - Kenya

Always refusing to be outdone, Kenya hosts the Golden Key Casino. This is a popular meet up for Kenya’s growing middle class of young professionals. The ambience in this venue speaks of class and glamour, a complete departure from the natural views of the Masai Mara for which Kenya is famous. You will also find Casino Flamingo here. This is a smaller casino featuring only 160 slots, and a few table games, but carries loads of fun.  

Swakopmund - Namibia

Many visitors to Namibia will be drawn by the Ghost towns and the famous Skeleton Coast. This is a proud country steeped in culture and connected to the environment. This is why it is so amazing that you can also find places here, where you can play your favourite casino games. The largest casino in Namibia is in Swakopmund. It is housed in the four-star resort going by the same name. But the casino is only part of what you can enjoy. The Captain’s Tavern comes highly recommended for all visitors to Namibia. This is where you get the best seafood in town, hands down.

Great Casino La Mamounia - Morocco

The most luxurious casinos are not an exclusive feature of Southern or Eastern Africa. There are many places in Central and Northern Africa where you can play quality casino games in top-class environs. In Morocco, for instance, you will find the Great Casino La Mamounia. The name alone is enough to get you excited. This is a jewel in Morocco’s crown, a nation known more for spices, fragrances, and ancient culture. Here, you will play slots, roulette, blackjack, and more. You will find it very hard to end your stay in Marrakech.

Africa is a continent of many colours. The people are kind and the sights magnificent. As we have seen in this article, it’s also a place every gambler would be glad to visit.


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