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European Elegance with Colorado Comfort – Luxury Casino Hotel Opening in an Old Mining Town

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There is not much to say about a sleepy little town of Cripple Creek. Part of the Colorado Springs Metropolitan Area, the town itself has only just over 1,100 full-time residents.

However, in recent years, with the expansion of Bronco Billy’s casino to the city scene, casino gambling has finally made it to the area.

With the success of one casino, others must follow, so Cripple Creek, Colorado is about to receive its very first luxury casino for this old mining town. Soon when you visit Colorado, you will be able to choose high-end luxury at its finest in Chamonix Casino Hotel as opposed to the Bronco Billy’s that is more devoted to the Old West theme. The luxury hotel is set to open its doors to guests by the end of 2022



Chamonix Casino Hotel, Luxury at Its Finest

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Chamonix Casino Hotel will offer a wide array of guest room options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a luxury room for the night or a VIP suite for a special occasion, Chamonix Casino Hotel will deliver. Chamonix Casino is part of the Full House resort family, known for providing some of the best casinos in areas such as Las Vegas. They are bringing their expertise to the Rocky Mountain region's finest lands. This exciting casino experience is set to not only expand the hotel accommodations in the city but double them.



New Cripple Creek Hotel Named After French Resort

Few nations capture elegance quite like the French. To add the level of luxury expected from this new Cripple Creek Hotel and Casino, every small detail is accounted for. This includes the name of the establishment. Chamonix Mont-Blanc is located in the French Alps, a spectacular location for vacationing. The same notion is given to the new property in Colorado. Chamonix Casino hotel is set to have the same level of luxury as its namesake to bring some resurgence to the area. A taste of the French Alps is coming to Colorado’s Cripple Creek gaming strip very soon.

What Are Full House’s Plans for Chamonix Colorado Casino Hotel?

Naturally, when you claim you are a luxury resort, you had better be able to deliver on that promise. This property will feature luxury at every turn. 300 four- star guest suites along with additional VIP accommodations for high rolling guests will be available. The success of Bronco Billy’s has emphasized the need for further casino entertainment in the Colorado Springs area.

The location of Cripple Creek ensures less congestion for guests looking to relax and enjoy their time in the city. With Colorado Springs nightlife right in their backyard, visitors can easily venture into the city for additional entertainment. 

Once the project is complete, Full House plans on expanding operations for Bronco Billy’s to help further boost its monopoly over casino gaming in Cripple Creek.

Once Chamonix opens, Bronco Billy’s will be closed for a period of at least four months to facilitate upgrades to that casino hotel.

Both the expansion of Bronco Billy’s and the opening of Chamonix will mean big business for this historic mining town.

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What Chamonix Means for the Local Economy

Chamonix is not just your average, everyday casino property. This luxurious hotel, which is based on the famed French Alps city, is going to become the highlight of the town. Like all casinos, it will require plenty of help to make the dreams of every guest come true. That means thousands of people within the Cripple Creek area can be employed at this one location. Where cleaning staff is essential in any hotel, at a casino hotel, you must also have bartenders, employees that run games, security, and chefs in their luxury restaurants designed to attract the culinary elite. There will be no shortage of employment opportunities when the property opens. Additional employment opportunities will be necessary for the expansion and re-opening of Bronco Billy’s, so if you are looking for a job in Cripple Creek, you will have a lot to choose from.

Full House intends on investing in the local economy through its gaming expertise. In addition to providing jobs for the area, both locals and tourists will have the opportunity for Las Vegas-style gaming in a much more subdued area. Chamonix also plans to host concerts and special events in their meeting rooms and convention center. The possibilities are endless for how profitable this new property will be for locals and investors alike.

Plan ahead for your next vacation and make arrangements on being at the opening of Chamonix Casino Hotel. You will be bathed in French luxury with a host of enjoyable activities to choose from. You will never get bored at this high-end Casino located just outside of Colorado Springs, CO.


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