While technology, the economy and various trends have led to many changes and adjustments in our industry, for many of euromic's DMCs one thing has remained a constant - the importance of family within the business.

Some of our DMCs are staffed by multiple family members, many of them second generation owners.

For many, the passion for the business is inherited and they choose to follow the family path. This tradition means years of knowledge can be passed down. There are many other benefits from a business standpoint, including a long-term outlook and focus on developing relationships with returning clientele. Communication is key in these companies as familiar relationships mesh with business connections.

While some have inherited or taken over the company (Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Germany and Turkey) and some have family-at-large members involved (in Egypt and Morocco), some of euromic's DMCs are staffed today with multiple direct family members: the Holts in France, the Warrens in Great Britain, the Birgissons in Iceland, the Argiris in Greece, the Kohlis in India, the Cerrutis in Italy, the Teyemasin The Netherlands, the Riisnaeses in Norway, the Hulewiczs in Poland, the Risbeckers in Sweden, the Merinos in Spain, the Carreras in Switzerland and the Sudasnas in Thailand.

Pauline Risbecker Kim took over management of Risbecker International, Sweden, in 2004 from her father, Tom Risbecker, who had established the business in 1977 as a family corporation. "We are a family company and we take pride in protecting our brand name because, after all, we are the Risbeckers," she says.

With such family-owned businesses, clients can count on consistent service, philosophies and a commitment to results.