Mr Jean Francois Sita and Mrs Corine Beaulieu called a meeting with all the different sections from both the Regional Council of La Reunion and also its General Council to discuss the island's participation in the 28th Edition of the Creole Festival in Seychelles tho coming October.

creole-fest-meeting0913Also present was Mr Pascal Viroleau, the CEO of the IRT (Ile Reunion Tourisme) who will be using the event to also showcase La Reunion as a tourism destination to the invited press and to the general public.

The meeting coincided with the working visit to La Reunion by the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, Mr Alain St.Ange. It is the Department of Culture of the Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture who are mandated to organize this Creole Festival and to regroup the Creole Speaking Countries of the World in the one celebration.

La Reunion Island are making their mark at this coming edition of the Creole Festival not only with the their traditional cultural participation with music, dance and food, but they are taking their delegation to new heights with an important contingent from the island's business community to showcase all products made in La Reunion inclusive of the creative industry range.

The La Reunion delegation will also have a group of businessmen who are specialists in the world of renewable energy and water.

"The aim of regrouping everyone from the Creole Speaking World is to firstly showcase the Creole People in all its diversity, but it is also to open trading possibilities between our islands. We salute La Reunion Island for the initiative to use this Creole Festival to open business opportunities for their manufacturers, artisans, musicians and artists. We shall be working with them to ensure that they find local partners in Seychelles to become their agents and start importing intro Seychelles products made in the Indian Ocean Region" said Alain St.Ange to the press after the meeting.

The Minister from Seychelles also said that the La Reunion Leaders are working hard to open new avenues for their business community. The Minister also said that it was now confirmed that not only Seychelles and La Reunion, but Mauritius, Rodrigues of Mauritius, Creole Speaking Louisiana in the USA, Haiti and Martinique were all going to be in Seychelles for the 28th Edition of the Creole Festival from the 25th of October.