As one of the world’s top destination wedding locations, Cancun offers couples everything they need to make their wedding wishes a reality.

This year alone there has been an increase of 15 – 20 percent in weddings compared to 2012. The beautiful tropical backdrop of crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean and high-end hotels offering unique wedding experiences makes Cancun an increasingly popular choice for couples.

According to the Cancun CVB, 30 percent of all U.S. couples choose to have their weddings in a foreign destination. Mexico accounts for 24 percent of these foreign nuptials (about 25,000 annually), with Cancun hosting 12,000 vow renewals, civil, religious and Mayan-themed weddings in 2012 alone.

Palace Resorts, a top hotel chain in Mexico, is one of Cancun’s most popular choices for weddings due to their diverse offerings that include interfaith, Catholic and Jewish ceremonies. Recently, the resort chain also incorporated Indian weddings to their offerings. “The brand raised the bar in unique offerings for destination weddings by specializing in Indian weddings, available exclusively at Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort. Palace Resorts flew in culinary consultants and trained resort chefs in preparing authentic Indian cuisine for these grand affairs,” said Lucy Martinez Ramirez, Palace Resorts’ Corporate Weddings Director. “Since adding Indian weddings to the resort’s offerings, the property has already seen an increase of almost 10 percent year over year when compared to 2012.”

The Hard Rock Hotel Cancun is another popular all-inclusive property for weddings. This resort offers nine exclusive wedding packages created by renowned celebrity wedding designer, Colin Cowie, which turn the bride and groom’s special day into a lavish, ultra-stylish affair. Packages include everything needed for a flawless wedding, as well as Colin Cowie’s expert touch in décor. Chic designs inspired by the beauty of Mexico are also available, including options like Elegant Ivory and El Sol as well as Metallic Dunes and Rocker Chic for a unique Hard Rock vibe.

Dolphin Discovery, which invites guests to be a part of the unforgettable experience of swimming with dolphins, sea lions and manatees, also incorporates weddings for those looking for something different and romantic. With more and more couples looking for unique and one of a kind celebrations, Dolphin Discovery provides exceptional ways to celebrate nuptials and incorporate nature in every aspect of a wedding. Dolphin Discovery has had a 51 percent increase in weddings compared to 2012, with 7,610 this year alone.

Mandala Beach Club has also seen an increase in weddings by 70 percent this year. Located in the heart of the hotel zone, the Beach Club’s great location and beautiful beach makes it an appealing choice to specific couples. The club also allows guests to celebrate their nuptial until the sun rises, with no set protocol for closing or set time limit for wedding receptions.

The prevalence of Cancun’s Mayan culture makes Mayan-themed weddings popular alternatives for couples that prefer unconventional and mystical ceremonies. In addition, the destination’s award-winning hotels, unique and convenient all-inclusive offerings, high-end products and top-notch amenities make wedding unions in Cancun unforgettable events for all types of couples.