The Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau announced new voluntourism and social responsibility offerings to groups and meeting planners that choose Cancun for their events.

Travelfuture, a globally focused corporate social responsibility (CSR) and volunteer travel activity provider, will now be offering activities in the destination as part of their expanding business and services.

“Cancun is already an impressive force in the meeting planner industry, with close to 2,000 meetings and conventions in 2013 alone. Aside from the great weather, large meeting spaces, over 32,000 hotel rooms, variety of group amenities and activities, and convenient connectivity from all over the world, Cancun is a top of mind choice for many companies and organizations, hosting group conventions and meetings for 900,000 visitors last year,” said Jesus Almaguer, CEO of the Cancun CVB. “Travelfuture brings incredible offerings for corporate social responsibility that the destination has not yet explored to its highest potential. This is an important factor for Cancun’s growth as a top meeting destination because it will increase our voluntourism options and allow visitors to experience the true Cancun, meet the locals and give back to the community while they enjoy a once in a lifetime vacation.”

According to Meeting Planners International (MPI)’s 2012 study of meeting planners, 90 percent of meeting industry businesses actively engage in CRS. Of this, 25 percent are very active, seeking accredited and active supporters of green and local sustainable activities. With its status as a world-class destination and the wide range of service and corporate responsible activities it can impact, it is no surprise that Cancun was Travelfuture’s first choice in Mexico.

Travelfuture offers half to full day altruistic activities for corporate, convention and group travelers to help the local Cancun community. Each activity takes place with a nonprofit organization in an organized team building activity that is both fun and benefits the nonprofit organization. A portion of Travelfuture’s proceeds are shared with the organization it works with.

Cancun invites visitors to take a break from their vacations and help the local community by immersing themselves in these activities:

•       Making Piñatas with Intellectually Disadvantaged Youth – This activity brings groups together to learn how piñatas are made, and then work with the young adults in one stage of the piñata making process.

•       Entertainment Night with Seniors – The activities take place in a local residence managed by nuns. Participants dance, sing, play board games, talk and share individual talents with these seniors.

•       The Mayan Village Experience – Work on projects with the Mayan community. From health, education or environmental needs, customizable projects tackle a specific community task including garden maintenance, painting, cleanup of historic sites, traditional Mayan cooking of tamales, etc.

•       Sea Turtle Hatchling Release – Supports the maintenance of a healthy habitat for turtle migration and provides 24/7 patrols and security during the nesting and hatching phase of turtle migration. Seasonal: September – October.

•       Reforestation of Local Flora – Groups plant seeds in a nursery, which are then transported to schools for planting. Participants help in one of several ways: planting, watering, weeding, preparing soil bags, clipping plants, etc.

Cancun nonprofits benefit from both the manpower and financial donations from groups that use Travelfuture’s services for their next meeting. Donations to nonprofits are usually between $5 - $10 per participant or as a lump sum donation based on company’s preference. Tax deductibility of donations for U.S. and Mexican companies is facilitated. For more information and to make reservations, please visit: