Keynoting this year’s theme “Empowering the Mind”, Michael Hoffman, President of Igniting Performance, has been chosen for AIBTM’s 2014 high-calibre Knowledge Programme, taking place on June 10th.

aibtm logoHe will present tactics and techniques to approach jobs “on purpose” with an attitude of ownership and professionalism.

Michael Hoffman comments, “Success is not genetic. The success chromosome is not part of our DNA. Our success is built by the things we say and do to have an impact. Business is and will always be about ‘people’. How we approach our customers both internally and externally will set us apart from our competitors.”

Coaching, motivation and interaction are key elements to master the tornado of the meeting planning business. The keynote session will offer a highly interactive presentation to involve attendees’ views on best practices, skills and attitudes to ignite performance in businesses.

Hoffman further adds: “The real challenge is that this tornado impacts your attitude and the quality of your communication when it’s most critical. It’s in these tornados that the masters of the meetings industry rise. Learning how the tornado of business and life impacts our communication and the skill sets necessary to be an agent of influence can be a game changer in equipping and igniting your people to be #1… On Purpose.”

Here are some of the skills, which will be ignited in this programme:

- Communication that ignites an engaged culture

- Creating/perfecting leadership skill-sets and conversations

- The secret to build involvement for commitment

- Getting the most done in any coaching situation

- The secrets to nail both the personal and any practical needs

- When you need more than a team

- Creating loyalty through conversations

- Develop the #1 skill that creates sought after coaches

- Have your interactions have more impact and more influence

Michael Lyons, Reed Travel Exhibitions, AIBTM Exhibition Director, commented, “We are very excited to have Michael Hoffman as our keynote speaker at AIBTM this year. The session will showcase once again that business is more than ever about building relationships both internally and externally, that never change despite social media, online meetings software and streaming media.”

AIBTM 2014 will take place from 10th – 12th June, 2014. To participate as an exhibitor, apply as a Hosted Buyer or register as a Trade Visitor, visit