Downtown Bangkok is converted into a giant festival of happiness, joy, fun and Thai smiles.

Thai tourism industry will show that business returns normal with the Happiness Street Festival that will take place this weekend; 25-26 July 2014.

On both days, there will be a Happiness Concert featuring performances by contemporary musicians and traditional Thai folk singers, accompanied by sound-and-light theatrics at the CentralWorld Square. At the Happy Gift Market, visitors will find everything from antique products to trendy, brand-name clothes and fashion items. One section, called “Stars on the Street” will have booths manned by Thai celebrities and TV superstars selling footwear, T-shirts, green gourmet, boutique apparel and even Thai desserts.


Activities of Thailand Happiness:

1. Happiness Music; Well-known performers of modern and Thai folk songs will present “The Thai Way of Happiness”; such as, Da Endorphine, Palmy, Potato, Modern Dog, Ying Lee, Takkatan Cholada, Arpaporn Nakornsawan, and others, along with special effects, sound and light theatrics at the CentralWorld Square on 25 July 2014 from 15.00 – 24.00 hrs.

2. Happiness Street comprises of 4 activities:

2.1 Happiness Market

2.2 Happiness Surprises

2.3 Happiness Activity

2.4 Happiness Show Off

2.1 Happiness Market: Colourful fairs of trendy, popular products; such as:

  • Vintage Shops & Hand Made Market: Vintage shops from the railway market, old record players, traditional grocery products, chic shop, Volkswagen parts shop, etc.
  • Online on Street: Trendy online shops on Facebook and other websites will participate to present their products on the street; such as, Nine-TwentyFive Jewelry, Nook Atelier, IDK Just Fun, Guvnorstore, etc.
  • Star on Street: Thai celebrities and TV superstars set up booths to sell products; such as, fashionable footwear, T-Shirts, green gourmet cuisine, boutiques, and Thai desserts.
  • Food & Drink: Plenty of delicious Thai cuisine and beverages.

2.2 Happiness Surprises: Along the walking street, there will be two giant gift boxes

which can only be opened by smiling participants. They will be invited to take photos and post it to the Instagram feed “Return happiness to Thailand”. After getting 100% energy of smiles, the boxes will be opened to find different surprises inside; such as, a chance to meet their favourite celebrities.

2.3 Happiness Activity: One of many activities to bring out more smiles. For example:

  • “Connect to Happiness” will offer a free lollipop machine. Visitors can press a button on the smiley stand and lollipop will come out, but the smiley stand and the machine will go further apart. The next person waiting in the queue will need to find a helper to reconnect it, creating bonds and friendship amongst people who do not otherwise know each other.
  • “Happiness Refill” taking photos at events, then hashtag on instagram #Thailandhappiness to get a chance to win plenty of cute souvenirs.

2.4 Happiness Show Off (Thailand Happiness Parades):

ŸParades to create an atmosphere of fun, happiness and Thainess, and generate made-for-social-media images for onward forwarding. The parades comprise:

• Thailand Happiness Caravan

• Thai Fashion Show

• Thai Cuisine to the World

• Visit Thailand, Go Everywhere

• Colourful Thailand

• Extravaganza of Thai Folk Songs

ŸThai style street show such as, Isan Drumlines (Thailand northeastern region), The Star’s concert, performance from Thailand Got Talent and Thai Smile show at Parc Paragon.

Tentative Programme at the CentralWorld Stage

Friday, 25 July 2014

15.00 – 15.40 Hrs. - Bands performance and Street Festival activities

19.00 – 19.15 Hrs. – Thailand Happiness Parade

19.30 Hrs. – MC welcomes the guests.

- Opening ceremony

19.50 – 20.30 Hrs. – Band performance

20.30 – 24.00 Hrs. – Bands performance