Organizations representing the city of Prague in the field of tourism, Prague Convention Bureau and Prague Information Service – Prague City Tourism, agreed to use a unified visual style of the destination.

praguecb-newlogoBoth organizations have recently established close cooperation aimed at, inter alia, unifying the presentation of Prague in its promotion, thus strengthening its position as a tourist and congress destination in the international field.

PCB followed up on the new brand and marketing visual style presented by PIS-PCT in autumn 2013 in order to strengthen the area of marketing, public relations and more strongly promote our capital city in terms of travel and tourism. The new visual style of the tourist destination Prague is therefore built on emotions, feelings and experiences of visitors. Clear, positive and internationally comprehensible solution is complemented by a promotional slogan „Pure emotion“.

Prague Convention Bureau initiated a change in visual style of its presentations at the beginning of the year when it launched its new website. This was followed by a new form of PCB´s e-newsletters, all published under a new slogan: „Wow Prague InSpires“. The new visual style also includes a new logo of Prague Convention Bureau which corresponds with the new slogan. In the near future, destination presentation will be modified as well and the unified style will be maintained in a new version of the popular catalogue of Prague suppliers in the field of congress industry, Meeting Planners Guide (MPG) for the years 2015/2016 which will be issued at the beginning of next year.

“Unification of visual styles of PCB and PIS-PCT proved to be a step in the right direction. The new look of PCB´s presentations – websites and newsletters – has met with success,“ says Lenka Žlebková, former managing director of PCB, under whose leadership Prague Convention Bureau launched new branding. “Moreover, Prague now speaks one voice abroad thus enhancing the communication. Whether it is leisure or congress tourism, it is always Prague, so it is necessary to broadcast the same message. The unified visual style of Prague is without question an important means of strengthening Prague’s brand abroad. “

PCB’s new visuals have also been complemented with another tool to promote congress Prague - destination video focused on the MICE segment called „Prague Makes You Shine“ which has been presented this spring. The aim of the video is to show Prague as a dynamic destination ideal for organizing events of different types. It focuses on the city’s strengths, such as good accessibility, a wide range of accommodation and conference facilities, excellent infrastructure, a long congressional history or academic background. Video is available for free on the organization’s website.