PATA Youth Symposium

“PATA sees the importance of our young generation who need to build a solid background in order to become leaders in the tourism industry” says CEO of PATA; Mr Mario Hardy. The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) will organize a PATA Youth Symposium on the morning of Thursday, April 23, at Sichuan Tourism School under the theme of “Technology and Social Media for Tourism”.

The programme was developed with guidance from Dr Chris Bottrill, Chairman of the PATA Human Capital Development Committee and Dean, Faculty of Global and Community Studies, Capilano University. Dr Bottrill noted that the tourism industry is entering into an unprecedented time where the market has significant influence over the success of businesses and destinations through their capacity to communicate through social media and various on-line forums. This has the benefit of enhancing tourism opportunity for small to large operations and remote to established destinations, however it also means that there is greater scrutiny and greater pressure on operators and destinations to provide exceptional levels of customer service plus unique and quality experiences. The symposium is designed to present ideas and generate discussion from the audience so that we can learn together. The outcome will be enhanced understanding about ways in which technology and social media will affect our industry and the Next Generation of tourism professionals in China.

The symposium will include plenary talks on various topics including:

•             On-line Consumer Reviews and the Impact on Operators and Destinations

•             PATAmPOWER and other on-line data sources to enhance business success

•             Digital Marketing and Travel Distribution Emerging Trends

•             Creative on-line Destination and Business Approaches and Successes

All participants will also share their views in roundtable discussions on the following topics:

•             How your views and decisions are shaped by on-line marketing and social media

•             How technology and social media will influence tourism in the future in China

•             How technology and social media will affect your careers and futures in tourism