tallinn treff festival

Tallinn welcomes 22 performances from 19 troupes spanning from Europe to Japan for this year’s Treff Festival. The main performance of the festival is the collaboration project “Double Exposure” (“Topeltpilt”) by the Finnish theatre troupe WHS and the South Korean choreographer Sungsoo Ahn. The performance effectively combines the techniques of street dance, contemporary circus and shadow theatre.

The children’s programme provides diverse performances from 9 countries for the little attendees: the masterful art of marionettes from Russia and a colourful shadow performance from the Netherlands; the French will make a film right in front of the children’s eyes, the Czechs will take the children to the amusement park for puppets, the Georgians will have finger puppets, the Spanish will make small foam rubber pieces dance, the Slovenians will have a singing children’s book, the Japanese will make a puppet play out of poems and the Estonians will introduce the wonderland of magic.

An original, atmospheric and powerfully rhythmic visual theatre is being presented by Matija Solce, a young talented Slovenian producer, in his performance “Protsess” (“The Trial”), which is based on the novel by Franz Kafka. The setting of the performance in Patarei prison provides the perfect ambience, giving it special context.

For the first time, the Treff programme also includes Estonian visual theatre performances, providing a concentrated overview of domestic output in this fascinating genre. Two nominees of the Salme Reek Award will be performed in the children’s programme: the shadow theatre performance “Üle vee” (“Across the Water”) and “Võlupood” (“The Magic Shop”), a performance by NUKU Theatre. Grown-ups can enjoy productions from the repertoires of Von Krahl Theatre, Russian Theatre, NO99, VAT Theatre and NUKU Theatre.

Tickets for Tallinn Treff Festival on 4–7 June are now available.

Check out the programme at www.nuku.ee/festival.