brussels town hall

The European Association Summit (EAS), the annual gathering of association executives, will be held in Brussels May 5-7, 2015. Thanks to a hot topic, inspiring speakers, and a multitude of associations that have already registered, the programme promises to be a fruitful exchange of ideas and enlightening discoveries. Here is a quick overview of the third edition that is now just a few weeks away.

As the capital of European institutions, Brussels has stood out for many years as a rich environment for international associations. The numbers speak for themselves: with more than 2,000 international associations based here, the European capital is the number one city in Europe, so it is the ideal place for such a gathering of professionals.

For the third consecutive year, is organising the European Association Summit in order to offer international associations the opportunity to meet, network, and exchange ideas.

This year’s “Pioneers of Change” theme emphasizes the association sector’s many “success stories.” Carefully selected international association executives will be on hand to present their recommended visions and the value-added ideas they have instilled in the management and development of their associations. Speakers will include Loïc Armand, president of Cosmetics Europe and L’Oréal France, Isabel Bardinet, CEO of the European Society of Cardiology, and even European Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker.

Through this sharing of experiences in the field, summit organisers hope to create a propitious environment for the development of the ambitious ideas of the future.