Around 250,000 jazz lovers and about 500 artists from all over the world will visit Düsseldorf and change the vibration of this cosmopolitan city of 650,000 people with the sounds of jazz, funk, soul and rock during the city’s annual Jazz Rally. Düsseldorf's annual Jazz Rally is by far the largest jazz festival in Germany, and the city of Düsseldorf is known not only for hosting huge events, but also for transforming itself into one giant party.

Düsseldorf is one of the hottest destinations in Germany, breaking new records in visitor numbers year after year. In fact, most Jazz Rally events take place in one of the city's biggest attractions, the historic Old Town, also known as the "Longest Bar in the World," with 260 bars and restaurants in under a square mile. This year’s event is taking place between May 21-24.

For more information about Jazz Rally and to purchase tickets, please visit: http://www.duesseldorfer-jazzrally.de.