salih cene chainThe Executive Committee of Skål International, in conjunction with the Chairman of the Kenya Local Organising Committee, has made the decision to postpone the 2015 Mombasa Congress and select a new venue and date for 2015.

The new venue for the 2015 World Congress will be the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain. The exact area of the Costa del Sol and the Congress dates will be announced by the end of May and a full congress package will be available for members by 20 June 2015.

The Executive Committee of Skål International has made this decision as a result of feedback from the membership and clubs, as guardians of these decisions, has acted accordingly.

On behalf of the Executive Committee and the membership, Skal International President, V. Salih Cene would like to extend their deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the Local Organising Committee and Skålleagues in Kenya (Nairobi and Kenya Coast Clubs) for their tireless work over the past three years and more importantly for their compassion and understanding in the decision to postpone the 2015 event.