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Recently published Meeting & EventBarometer 2015 reveals that Germany saw 9 percent growth in the number of international meeting guests in 2014 reaching to a total of 25.6 million. The report also illustrates how expertise, technology, sustainability, value and infrastructure are among the leading factors why planners choose Germany again and again.

The report, which was issued at IMEX in Frankfurt yesterday, is conducted by the European Institute for the Meetings Industry (EITW) on behalf of the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC), the German Convention Bureau (GCB), and the German National Tourist Board (GNTB). This is the ninth year the Meeting & EventBarometer has been conducted.

Petra Hedorfer, Chief Executive Officer of the GNTB, said, “The rising share of international participants helps Germany remain the leading business destination in Europe by far.”

Germany by the numbers

In 2014, the number of international meeting guests in Germany reached 25.6 million, up nine percent over 2013, with the market for technology, innovation and medical meetings particularly strong. More than 383 million people overall participated in meetings in Germany, representing a 3.3 percent growth over 2013 and the sixth year of consecutive growth.

The number of conference hotels, centres and venue spaces grew to 7,152 across the country, up 1.7 percent from last year. Additionally, 3.04 million conferences, meetings and events took place in Germany in 2014, up one percent.

It should come as no surprise that organisers attach great importance to technology before, during and after an event: Nearly two thirds (65.9 percent) of event planners surveyed expect to use mobile applications on site, 45.5 percent expect to use online discussion forums, and about one-third expect to use cloud services and be able to live-stream lectures or workshops.

In line with this, approximately 13 percent of events last year in Germany were booked via conference portals according to event organisers.

More than half of organisers value providers with a sustainability management system compared to just one third in 2011. About 35.6 percent also believe that sustainability efforts of suppliers result in a noticeable improvement in quality.

Almost half (43.2 percent) of surveyed suppliers have sustainability management systems in place - an increase of 16 percent compared to 2011. German suppliers are also highly aware of the need for accessibility: around 80 percent said that accessibility is part of their corporate philosophy compared to just over 60 percent of event organisers. More than half of the suppliers currently have accommodation measures in place.

Budgets and optimism up

The Meeting & EventBarometer 2015 indicates that 38.5 percent of event planners in Germany see budgets increasing over 2014. What’s more, 51.7 percent of suppliers and 58 percent of organizers are more optimistic about the industry, an improvement over last year.

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