brussels creative forumBrussels has a lot of culture and creativity to offer however this is not known enough by the audience. As a main objective to bring together the cultural and creative sectors by building bridges between different language groups in the capital of Belgium, and Europe, the city hosts The BRUSSELS CREATIVE FORUM.

This year the BRUSSELS CREATIVE FORUM is taking place on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 August in Square Brussels, at the heart of the Art neighborhood, close to the historical quarter and important cultural institutions. Here as a visitor you will be able to discover the cultural agenda of the coming season and the cultural organisations behind them.

The Culture Market brings together cultural organizations that are either francophone, flemish of anglophone. They will present their calendar and bring along artists and/or install an art exhibition. The public will be in direct contact with them and can discover what these organisations have to offer. You will also be able to win free tickets or buy them at reduced prices.

Creative and artistic performances will take place during the whole event: music, dance, street art, showcases, mini-exhibitions etc. This will take place on the Mont des Arts, right outside the Square building.

Next to this culture market, BRUSSELS CREATIVE FORUM will host different debates and conferences to think about the future of the cultural and creative sector in cities. They are open to everyone interested.

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