iccaThe Association Meetings Programme (AMP) is ICCA’s new annual event, where ICCA members and international association executives learn from each other and from a top faculty of experts about key aspects of bidding and decision-making, organising, promoting, and designing international association meetings.

The AMP replaces ICCA’s long-standing Research, Sales and Marketing Programme (RSMP), which had only been open to ICCA member delegates.

A global attendance of 20 international association executives and 140 ICCA members from 35 countries successfully met in Stavanger, Norway from 5-7 July.

At the closing session, ICCA anounced that its Board of Directors has chosen Fukuoka, Japan as the 2017 Association Meetings Programme destination.

ICCA’s new AMP will rotate between a European and another destination anywhere in the world every other year.

The ICCA AMP 2017 will take place 29 June to 1 July with a fresh programme and speakers, and will be capped again to maximum 150 participants. For more information visit http://www.amp2017.iccaworld.org/