PietrasantaThe Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte of Viareggio, renowned venue for corporate events thanks to both the wide disposability of fully equipped conference rooms and the incomparable Versilian atmosphere, now adds another value: a full day – lunch included – in Pietrasanta.

Pietrasanta, the little “Athens of Versilia” as nicknamed for its history and for the quantity of works of art it houses is only a few kilometres away from Viareggio.

Since 1200, when it was founded by Guiscardo da Pietrasanta, this little city gets to be a crossroads of world famous artists, from Michelangelo Buonarroti to Vasari until the contemporary Henry Moore, Pietro Cascella, Kan Yasuda, Jean Michel Folon, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Joan Miro or Botero. Many among them have donated works to the city, making this delightful Tuscan town, embedded in the marble quarries, a true open-air museum.

Mine of important works, on display in the streets and in museums around the world, Pietrasanta is the ideal location for an “art walk” along the international contemporary sculpture park that winds through Piazza Duomo, the church and the cloister of St. Augustine, Piazza Crispi and viale S. Francesco.

Guests will also experience a clay-based sculpture workshop under the guidance of a Master – a priceless experience for both atmosphere and content.