AIM E LibraryAIM Group, which has offices in many different companies, launches AIM E-Library to create online programmes to help its people develop the needed skills to perform their tasks. With the launch of AIM e-Library, a web-platform dedicated to internal training and development; there will be no need to gather its staff in one place since its staff spread around the world.

AIM Group has embraced a “continuous training” philosophy. This means that all the teams can regularly brush up on skills – and develop new ones – as well as re-learn certain job functions and keep up with changing company procedures and quality standards or new meeting industry trends . Through the technological partner, Tecnoconference Group, all tutorials will be recorded in the AIM Virtual Studio, a virtual studio completely realised with computer graphic design, giving birth to an innovative E-Learning Virtual Reality. “Thanks to our partner and sponsor Tecnoconference Group”, said Patrizia Buongiorno, Vice President of AIM Group International, “we will be able to train all of our teams in a variety of different topics saving time and most importantly, increase knowledge and productivity.”.

AIM E-Library will offer different modules according to the needs and roles of the teams. The aim is to continuously develop content that meets the training needs of the Group. With this innovative project, AIM Group International is proving, once again, how important the company regards training and education to improving productivity and the quality of work, enhancing the brand perception and supporting our most important asset – AIMazing people!