Hiking is the latest tourism product the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) is promoting among travelers in the neighboring Reunion Island. Following the official launch of STB’s first official hiking guidebook in Paris earlier in October, the new guidebook has now been launched on the Reunion market.

The launching and promotion of the new marketing tool was done on the sideline of STB’s recent Trade and PR event in the cities of Saint-Gilles and Saint-Denis.

The hiking guidebook currently available in hard copies, in both French and English, was presented to some 40 travel agents and media representatives during a cocktail held at the Boucan Canot Hotel in Saint Gilles, on Tuesday October 24.

Present at the event were: STB’s Director for Europe, Bernadette Willemin, Nadine Victor from Seychelles European Reservations, Lucy Jean Louis from Mason’s Travel and Nichole Celestine, representing Hilton Seychelles hotels.

seychelles hiking guide launch

When addressing those present, Mrs Willemin said the guidebook will serve as an additional tool in promoting Seychelles as a hiking paradise for visitors and will help to shed light on the archipelago’s amazing flora and fauna.

“People in Reunion are very much into hiking. I have come to understand that hundreds of thousands of people practice trekking every year and many of the island’s inhabitants have turned this into a regular activity. Your clients, our visitors, your readers are used to hiking on the weekends and there’s no reason why they would not wish to do the same while holidaying in Seychelles. It is for this very reason that we are today handing this guidebook to you as hiking has now become an additional tool in promoting Seychelles as a tourist destination,” said Mrs Willemin.

The hiking guide has been authored by two photographers, publishers, graphic designers and journalists -- Rémy Ravon and Romain Latournerie.

Mr Latournerie was present at the cocktail event to present the guide to the press and the travel agents and explain why they came up with the idea. He was also invited to promote the guidebook during a Seychelles Smart Certification training organised by the STB in Saint-Gilles as part of the Trade and PR event.

A number of media organisations present at the cocktail, both print and television, conducted a series of interviews with both Mrs Willemin and Mr Latournerie, which will surely serve to give added visibility to the hiking guide.

The cocktail event was also another great opportunity for the Seychelles Tourism Board to show support towards a Seychellois national, Peter Leong, who has his own bakery in Reunion.

Mr Leong specializes in making bread and chocolate in the shape of the coco-de-mer -- the largest nut in the world, which is endemic to Seychelles and grows naturally on the island of Praslin.

The cocktail was the perfect opportunity for him to display his products, which were well received by the tour operators in Reunion, as they were all presented with Mr Leong’s homemade chocolates as a token of appreciation.