The 3rd Festival of Lights will illuminate a number of emblematic venues in the centre of the Belgium's capital. From 22 to 25 February 2018, at nightfall, Bright Brussels, Festival of Lights will light up a number of districts in the centre of Brussels.

bright brussels light festival

From the quay district to the Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains, by way of the Béguinage, installations, some more unusual than others, will light up the capital. The Quay and Sainte-Catherine districts will flaunt their most beautiful features with 11 illuminated installations and animations. International artists and groups will invade the most emblematic places to beautify them. Among them are TETRO, from France, in association with Whitevoid, from Berlin, who will provide creative lighting for the future Kanal (the former Citroën garage and future museum of contemporary art) by installing the imposing work “Stalactite”. Bright Brussels,

Festival of Light will offer visitors and residents a unique opportunity to see the authentic districts of the capital in a very different light. In particular, they will be able to explore hidden treasures like the Béguinage district and the Institut Pacheco [Pacheco Institute]. On the initiative of Rudi Vervoort, the Minister and President of the Brussels region, and Pascal Smet, Brussels Minister for Mobility and Public Works, is coordinating the installation of these monumental artworks in the heart of the capital of Europe.

“On top of the creation of Kanal, the new cultural pole and future contemporary art museum, the Brussels-Capital Region continues to work to develop the historical Quays and Béguinage neighbourhoods. These venues that are bursting with history and not well-enough known by the public, deserve to be showcased. Bright Brussels, Festival of Light will let visitors and Brussels inhabitants to explore all the facets of these authentic and convivial neighbourhoods, that bear witness to Brussels’ rich heritage as a shipping port”, exclaimed a delighted Rudi Vervoort, Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region.

“Light and the city’s public lighting are fundamental elements for the image and value of our region. Thanks to the Bright Brussels light festival, the city shines and neighbourhoods are decorated with lights and magical installations that will enchant young and old. Light helps to frame the urban landscape, give the city an identity and amaze its inhabitants and passing tourists. This festival is the perfect chance for Brussels inhabitants to come together, meet and rediscover their city from a new angle as the sun goes down.” declared Pascal Smet, Brussels Minister responsible for Public Works.