Tallinn is hosting Robotex International, the world’s largest robotics festival where thousands of engineers and executives will showcase their latest inventions at a festival exhibition. The Robotex International EXPO takes place from 30 November to 2 December.

Robotics companies will present high tech cutting edge robots, from self-driving cars which can deliver packages to unmanned aircraft equipment used for intelligence collection and surveillance.

Threod Systems Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are made in Estonia and deployed by NATO forces in combat situations around the World.  A Stream tactical UAV can fly up to 3 km and spot a moving vehicle from 15 kilometres away whilst itself remaining invisible.

The festival will feature competitive events. Starship Technologies will host Starship Animal Rescue — which has a 10 000 euro prize. This competition aims to program a robot to rescue urban pets. 

XPRIZE will run their ANA Avatar XPRIZE idea hackathon to build avatars designed to handle disaster relief. This competition gives participants the chance to become a part of the global ANA Avatar XPRIZE competition. Prize money is 10 million Euro.

In the Entrepreneurial Challenge, participants will get the opportunity to showcase their working prototype within the realms of robotics and AI.

The Robotex International EXPO is a real chance to see what’s happening in the industry, both professionals, amateurs and just people who are interested in robotics.

The festival is sponsored by the city of Tallinn and Tallinn city’s department of enterprise.