Having pioneered groundbreaking initiatives in Turkish tourism sector since 1968, VIP Tourism will open the doors of space to everyone.

Thanks to an investment by zero2infinity, a Spanish company, amounting to Euro 20 million, travelers can take a 4-hour-trip to Near Space by a specially-designed balloon called as Bloon.

A press meeting was held with the participation of Ceylan Pirinçcioğlu, CEO of VIP Tourism and José Mariano López-Urdiales, the founder and CEO of zero2infinity with the occasion of launching of Bloon Project at Istanbul’s Edition Hotel.

VIP Tourism has assumed the media representation of the project.

 “The human being has always wondered the space and hungered for discovering its mysteries and obscurities. We are members of a generation who just watched movie-like competition on the space between USA and the Soviet Union during Cold War years. Now, we provide the large masses with Spaceflight, which until now has been specific to a minority being sent to the space by great powers. We, as VIP Tourism, are also very happy to making a new groundbreaking contribution steering the future of tourism sector” Ceylan Pirinçcioğlu said.

Pirinçcioğlu emphasized that guests, who will travel by Bloon, will see with their own eyes on the point where the Earth and the universe comes into contact with each other that the Sun and stars blaze day and night. “I believe that Bloon Project is a pivotal and leading project since it will enable to see the Earth from a wide angle and will set an example for Spaceflights” Pirinçcioğlu said.

According to the information given by Pirinçcioğlu, they will collect the applications of those who desire to travel by Bloon starting from January 1st, 2012. Of the total amount Euro 110 thousand, Euro 10 thousand will be collected in advance while remaining will be paid in two equal instalments in 2013 and 2014.

Experimental flights with Bloon will be continued up to 2014 when the first real flight will be realized. It is targeted to launch the Bloon 100 times and bring together 400 persons with Spaceflight in the first year.

Pirinçcioğlu also underlined that they desire to launch the Bloon, which is still planned to be launched from Madrid, from a city suitable for launching such as Konya and Eskişehir.

Emphasizing that the Bloon is the first system being specifically designed for private journey since day one, Jose summarized the experience to be offered by the Bloon as follows:

“It is a journey of about four hours from lift off to touch down. After a 1-hour ascent she will cruise for about two hours at an altitude of 36 km, from where it will start her gentle one-hour descent. That altitude has been selected because it offers the most rewarding view. During the flight accompanied by expert pilots, our guests will witness the marvel on the border where the atmosphere, also called as ‘Near-Space” is observed as thin and brilliant blue. Passengers will also have the opportunity to experience delicious meals to be prepared by Michelin Star Chef. We believe that we fly high enough to offer basic views that space travellers of 21st Century would desire to see. Our aim is not only to make people live exceptional experiences but also to raise awareness of planets.”