Istanbul's Haliç Congress Center to host World Hypertension Congress

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Istanbul will host world’s one of the largest and most important congresses “World Hypertension Congress” as a result of EA Organization’s successful initiatives.

halic-congress-centerCongress which will be held on 27-30 June 2013 in Haliç Congress Center will cost 2 million euros. Approximately 10 thousand people are expected to attend the congress which will employ 1000 people will be open to the public free of charge for one day in order to raise public awareness. Thus EA Organization will bring in something new with organizing a medical congress open to the public in Turkey.

Chairman of the Board of EA Organization Tolga Yönetsel, President of Turkish Association of Hypertension Control Prof. Dr. İstemihan Tengiz and President of World Hypertension Congress Prof. Dr. Remzi Önder attended to a press conference arranged recently to draw attention to the importance of the congress and in order to provide information about the organization prior to “World Hypertension Congress” which will be host by EA Organization in Haliç Congress Center.

Tolga Yönetsel said that they are expected 10 thousand participation to congress which will be realize on 27-30 June 2013 and said “World Hypertension Congress” would be one of the largest international participation congress. EA Chairman of the Board Yönetsel made statements on contribution to İstanbul’s promotion of “World Hypertension Congress” and value added economic point of view by providing information on the location of Turkey in World congress sector. Yönetsel emphasized that congresses are treated as a sector in their own right all over the World due to the economic, social and commertial contribution of destinations of issue and said:

“Money spent on coastal turizm is 600-700 dollars per person but congress participants spend about 2500 dollars per capita. Transportation, accommodation, entertainment and catering sectors taking the largest share from this income. Medical congresses and meetings of the pharmaceutical industry are the organizations that spend the most money in the last 20 years. In this context, we think that our congress will contribute significantly in economic terms to Istanbul. Congresses around the World are also very effective tools for the promotion of the city of issue. As EA we are also proud of introducing Istanbul to the world by World Hypertension Congress.

Endorsement of worldwide convention sector is 14 billion dollars. Turkey that hosted 1% of the sector in 2001, doubling its market share according to the reports in 2010 and became 20th on the list. Istanbul is the brand name that announced its name to the World in congress sector. Istanbul is the city which strengthens its place in World congress sector, became 7th in world congress sector according to the 2010 reports and 6th in Europe.”

Yönetsel said that they provide to gain World Hypertension Congress to Istanbul with 3-year study and gave the following information about “World Hypertension Congress” which held every four years:

“The main objective of World Hypertension Congress is to raise awareness of hypertension. Apart from this, we are aiming to prepare an environment which people that caught this ‘secret killer’ disease can share their life and scientific experiences. On the other hand, we aim at contributing Hypertension Association to perform useful work in this field using the proceeds from the congress.”

“One of the most important feature of the congress which will be held in Istanbul is that will be open to the public with professionals” said Yönetsel and emphasized that this diffence is a result of EA Organization’s sense of social responsibility. One day of the three-day congress will be open to public free of charge in order to raise awareness.

“Today, hypertension is being considered as an independent risk factor for cardiovascular diseases far beyond the definition of high blood pressure. Both the frequency as well as in terms of cardiovascular diseases caused by hypertension, carries the distinction of being the most important public health issue of our time. One of every three adults suffering from hypertension in Turkey. Hypertension is the direct cause of 25% of all deaths in our country. The other causes of hypertension becoming a major health problem are also awareness of the disease in society, becoming lower rate of drug use and lower under control of blood pressure. Health care institutions all over the world agree that effective struggle with hypertension may be possible with conscious society. So raise awareness of hypertension in the community has become a necessity” said Prof. Dr. İstemihan Tengiz.

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