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INN London is a new organisation set up to bring the best of a foreign city’s culture, creativity and commerce to the heart of London.

inn-londonEach year, over the next five years, INN will bring a city to life from the BRICT nations: Sao Paolo, Moscow, Mumbai and Shanghai, with Turkey, Europe’s very own emerging economic super power and the city of Istanbul as the first focus.

A five-day event each year will reveal what makes the focus city unique, from its contemporary art and architecture, to its fashion, food, drink and cultural life.

This groundbreaking cultural exchange launches with INN Istanbul in April 2013. As one of the largest cities in the world, Istanbul is unique in its geographical position and its fascinating heritage, but also has a pounding business heart. INN is for prospective tourists, those with an interest in what’s new and upcoming in Istanbul – from food to culture - and those looking to set up business links.

“What we are aiming to do with INN London is challenge and change pre-conceptions”, says INN London founder director Steve Wallington. “Culture is a proven agent for change, while on a business level, a strong understanding of the local culture is the key to success.” INN London will drive business opportunities, connect people and inspire cultural exchange and travel.

INN Istanbul will take place over 22,000 square feet at Victoria House, in London’s Bloomsbury. A contemporary Grand Bazaar, INN is a place to meet, have conversations, do business, shop and be inspired. Discover Istanbul’s leading architects, design practices, fashion designers, contemporary art galleries and luxury lifestyle brands - Istanbul INN London offers the following for visitors:

· CULTURE: tap into the latest developments on Istanbul’s cultural scene: see art galleries, meet architects, designers and fashion designers. A curated programme of talks and events will shed more light on this aspect of INN Istanbul.

· TOURISM: find out where to stay, eat, what to buy and what to do in preparation for your trip to Turkey.

· SHOPPING: experience Istanbul and buy a little piece of it.

· RETAIL/DISTRIBUTION: Turkish businesses showcasing their products with a view to making key connections for distribution in the UK and internationally.

· TRADE/COLLABORATION: an opportunity for UK business to source Turkish suppliers and discuss collaborative potential.

INN will be launching the event with a one-day conference investigating the opportunity for developing trade and relations between the UK and Turkey. Tolga Tuyluoglu, Director of the Turkish Culture and Tourism Office UK, comments:

“INN London is an exciting project and one that resonates with Turkish Culture and Tourism Office UK objectives in promoting Istanbul’s varied cultural and tourist attractions to London and a wider UK audience. The extent of the research that has already gone into the project is impressive and it is evident that INN’s remit is to try and remain as authentic and true to Istanbul’s being as possible, whilst endeavoring to avoid cliché - a task which complements the strategy of this office.”

Director of the UKTI Turkey & HM Consul-General Istanbul Jessica Hand expresses her passion for Istanbul and why she is looking forward to INN’s events: ”I left Istanbul last summer to return to London – but the INN London project makes me feel less that I am leaving and more that I am bringing Istanbul with me. I will visit the project often to ease my separation anxiety and to absorb again the life-giving energy that is Istanbul: this vibrant, dynamic, confident, seductive, welcoming, eclectic city. INN Istanbul brings not just a representation, but the atmosphere, identity and the ‘feel’ of the whole city.”

The intention is to travel INN Istanbul until the 2020 Istanbul Olympics, with events in the Middle East, Far East and the Americas.

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