What’s going on in Turkey?

  • Published by Refet Kayakiran
Ataturk's right arm, the 2nd President of Turkey known as Ismet Pasha (Ismet Inonu) , when came into power after Ataturk's death in 1938, he decided to pass to democracy with general elections in 1946, just in his 8th year in power.
He is the only ''Dictator'' who moved his country into a liberal democracy with free elections. And since 1946, Turkey had 17 multiparty democratic elections, the last being held in 2011.

However, in 1960, 1970 and 1980, the democratic Parliamentary system had been interrupted by the Military Coup. In the Army Coup of 1960, Prime Minister and 2 Ministers were sentenced to death and they were hung. In 1970, several youth leaders were hung and in 1980 all parties were closed, Prime Minister and all Party leaders were prisoned and tens of youth were hung while thousands of people were prisoned. (The death sentence has been removed from the constitution in 1999)

In all of these Military Coups, it should be noted that there was a certain misgovernance and a chaos environment in the country which could have been overcome by a new election. However, Army was not patient to let the people decide within democracy! Though they allowed to continue with democracy and held free elections within 1-2 years after each Coup.

Since 1980, although the Army did not attend a new Coup, the General Corps interfered the civil democracy with various ultimatums and memorandums creating pressure on the governments.

In 2002, a new party (which the routes go back to another İslamist party since 1970) named AKP won the elections with almost 40% of votes and since then increased his power in each election up to 50% till 2011, as a single party government. The power of this party gave them a strong confidence and they managed to control the army in a way of a juridical process jailing hundreds of Army Commanders and Officers with some other civilian intellectuals who is claimed to have the intention of a new Coup against the government.

Now in 2013, the General Staff and the Army seem to be silent with full obeisance to civil government while the courts go on with hundreds of commanders and tens of civilians in the prison.

Most of Turkish people who had a certain opposition to any government had the idea that, if governments will not rule in a correct way, Army will come and settle everything. This thought is almost a common approach in most of generations who are born up to 1970's.

But what about those has born after 1980's? Who are they, which have never witnessed a Coup D’état!

Those who are born since the last Coup of the Army in 1980 who uprose in Gezi Park at Taksim, in the center of İstanbul is a 21st century youth, who seems far from any political connection, is actually the production of the government of AKP.

The Government of AKP, could not foresee that, the democratic environment created without an Army influence has born new generations with liberal thoughts, with a silent power of opponence which have no idea of any Army interference.

This new liberal youth generation of 21st century is against to any dictation to their life styles even from their parents! They do not want to be insulted and to be criticized by anyone, especially by the State or Government, which is symbolized in the wordings of the Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

gezi-park-tear-gasMr. Erdogan is the symbol of autocratic dictation to all youth who uprose since 28th May 2013 and harshly attacked by violent Police force. This violence of police made more people from all ages, from all different political views to join the protests even from their homes by various styles of protests. And mostly those who joined first, were the mothers and fathers of this youth! Which lost their hopes to the Army but discovered a new hope in the soft power of their children for a real democracy in Turkey!

Mr. Erdogan, since the first days of the protests continues his insults to the protestors although high officials of his party and even the President Mr. Gul tries to calm down the protestors in some ways of excuses.

Unless the prime minister changes his style of talk and accepts the conditions of the protestors (at least a soft talk and 1 condition will be enough), it seems that the uprise will continue.

What they softly protest is the rudeness and the authoritarian father attitudes of the Prime Minister and the Violence of Police.

They just want a peaceful talk and understanding as their life style is to follow all the world in silence through their computers!

Protests started because of the trees in a park...

They protected the trees in the park as a symbol of their lives...

As they want to live ''Alone and Free like a Tree but in a Brotherhood like a Forest''!

(As said by great Turkish poet Nazım Hikmet)

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