ACI World-Europe Conference held in Istanbul

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Despite anti-government protests that have rocked the city, the general assembly of ACI World, the global platform of airport operators and ACI Europe, held in Istanbul without any problem.
aci-europe-istanbul13ACI World-Europe Conference held in Istanbul under the TAV Airports sponsorship.

More than 800 senior executives who govern 95% of the global air traffic met in Istanbul. Airport Council International, the main organization of the airport operators and ACI Europe have decided to hold their general assembly meetings in Istanbul this year. The opening ceremony of the two-day conference at Istanbul Congress center was attended by many executives including State Airport Authority (DHMI) General Manager Orhan Birdal, ACI World General Director Angela Gittens, ACI Europe General Director Olivier Jankovec and TAV Group CEO and ACI Europe Board Member Sani Sener.

Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication Minister Binali Yildirim sent a video message to the opening ceremony and emphasized that Turkey has achieved a significant success in the aviation sector for the past 10 years. He said that despite the global standstill, Turkey has achieved double digit growth rates which created the need for more investment in infrastructure.

ACI World General Director Angela Gittens said that airports are facing new obstacles and opportunities due to increasing global competition. Showing the double digit growth rates achieved by Istanbul Ataturk Airport as an example, Gittens underlined the importance of this achievement. Stating that airports were inclining mainly towards passenger based revenues in line with airlines and airline associations getting strong, Gittens also said "The view that airports operate in monopoly is a myth."

TAV Group CEO and ACI Europe Board Member Sani Sener said that Istanbul is an historical city dating back 3000 years and they are very happy to be hosting such a major event.

“We provided service to 10 million passengers during our first year of operation at Ataturk Airport. Last year we welcomed 45 million passengers and the total number of passengers we provide service to across all airports we operate reached 72 million. The coalition of TAV Airports and Aéroports de Paris created one of the world's largest platforms in the airport operation sector. In this sector, knowing the behaviour and demands of the passengers is very important; together with AdP, we have data for 200 million passengers and I am confident that we will move both our industry and company forward. I would like to thank you all and wish everyone a pleasant meeting.”

Airport Service Quality Award Winners

Airports Council International (ACI) honoured recipients of its annual 2012 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards and inductees to ACI’s Director General’s Roll of Excellence during the ACI Europe and World Annual Congress & Exhibition 2013 Gala Dinner and ASQ Awards Ceremony at Ciragan Palace Kempinski.

Four new airports were inducted into the Director General’s Roll of Excellence which recognizes airports that have ranked among the top five in Airport Service Quality (ASQ) for five years.

Inductees Include:

·         Cancún International Airport

·         Juan Santamaria International Airport

·         Malta International Airport

·         Shanghai Pudong International Airport

ASQ Awards

ASQ Awards were presented in four categories that included: Best Airport by Region, Best Airport by Region (Fewer than 2 million Passengers per Year), Best Airport by Size, and Best Improvement. At its 2012 World Annual General Assembly in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, ACI announced that it would discontinue the Best Airport Worldwide award category to focus more attention on categories that facilitate comparison, particularly airport size and region.  

ASQ Award Recipients 

Best Airport by Size: Millions of Passengers Per year(first place)
Hohhot (2-5m), Nagoya (5-15m), Seoul Gimpo (15-25m), Seoul Incheon (25-40m),
Singapore (over 40m).

Best Airport by Region(first place)
Cape Town (Africa), Seoul Incheon (Asia-Pacific), Moscow Sheremetyevo (Europe), Cancun (Latin-America-Caribbean), Abu Dhabi (Middle East), Indianapolis (North America).

Best Airport by Region: airports with fewer than 2 million passengers per year
Upington (Africa), Skopje (Europe), Victoria (North America).

Best Improvement
Mombasa (Africa), Sanya (Asia-Pacific), Faro (Europe), Santo Domingo (Latin-America-Caribbean), Abu Dhabi (Middle East), Winnipeg (North America).




1. Cape Town

2. Durban

3. Cairo

4. Mauritius

5. Johannesburg


1. Seoul Incheon

2. Singapore

3. Beijing

4. New Delhi

5. Hong Kong


1. Moscow Sheremetyevo

2. Malta

3. Edinburgh

4. Keflavik

5. Zurich

Latin America-Caribbean 

1. Cancun

2. Guayaquil

3. Montego Bay

4. San José

5. Barbados

Middle East 

1. Abu Dhabi

2. Dubai

3. Doha

4. Tel Aviv

5. Bahrain

North America

1. Indianapolis

2. Ottawa

3. Tampa

4. Sacramento

5. Jacksonville








North America




2 – 5 million passengers

1. Hohhot

2. Guayaquil

3. Ottawa

4. Chiang Mai

5. Winnipeg

5 – 15 million passengers

1. Nagoya

2. Hyderabad

3. Tianjin

4. Wuhan

5. Sanya

15 – 25 million passengers 

1. Seoul Gimpo

2. Chongqing

3. Taipei

4. Hangzhou

5. Tampa

25 – 40 million passengers

1. Seoul Incheon

2. New Delhi

3. Mumbai

4. Tokyo Narita

5. Shanghai Hongqiao

Over 40 million passengers

1. Singapore

2. Beijing

3. Hong Kong

4. Shanghai Pudong

5. Guangzhou








Latin America-Caribbean 

Santo Domingo

Middle East 

Abu Dhabi

North America


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