New Era in Dedeman Hotels

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Dedeman Group announced targets for 2023 in the 9th press and public information meeting held in the Dedeman Istanbul Hotel on Tuesday, 17 December.

dedeman-execsDedeman Group assessed data for 2013 and the expectations and targets for 2023 were revealed at its 9th press and public information meeting. The group also announced that Murat Dedeman and his family took over the entire shares of hotel management and that the takeover’s legal procedures were completed.

"Our group entered into a reorganization process upon a decision taken by our company partners in 2012. Future targets and plans of the partners were assessed, and within the scope of these analyses a decision to separate was taken in accordance with the sharing system agreed by all partners.

The organization had a legal framework with an agreement signed by the shareholders on October 1, 2013. In accordance with this agreement, we terminated our partnership by taking over the entire shares of Dedeman Group, which belong to my elder sister Nazire Dedeman Çağatay and her family, excluding Dedeman Madencilik,” Mr Dedeman said.

The Targets of Dedeman Group for 2023

Dedeman-BostanciDedeman Group is planning to carry on business in a wider area within the scope of its targets for 2023. In addition to the Dedeman Erbil and Dedeman Park Gaziantep hotels, which joined the chain in 2013, the following hotels will be put into service in 2014: Dedeman Bostancı (photo) and Dedeman Park Bostancı in Istanbul, Dedeman Oskemen in Kazakhstan and Dedeman Park Izmailova Moskova in Russia. Dedeman Park Levent will be the fourth Dedeman hotel in Istanbul and its construction has begun on Büyükdere Avenue. It will come into service in 2015.

Within the scope of these investments, from a total of 42 hotels, 20 are incorporated in Dedeman Hotels and 22 are Dedeman Park Hotels and will provide service in 2023. 30% of the hotels to be incorporated in Dedeman will create new opportunities for foreign investments.

We will reach the capacity to host some 6 million guests with these new investments. We also aim to provide employment for 4,000 people and quintuple turnover with this capacity. We expect to obtain the maximum operational profitability thanks to smart and consistent investments and new management without compromising service quality.

Dedeman Group Current Status

Total of 15 hotels (two Dedeman Park) provide service within Dedeman Group. The group operates in Ankara, Istanbul, Cappadocia, Palandöken, Rize, Diyarbakır, Konya, Şanlıurfa, Gaziantep, Zonguldak, Denizli, Erbil and Taşkent. The hotels have capacity of 5,000 beds and approximately 3,000 rooms. Almost 1 million guests are hosted in Dedeman hotels in a year. Occupancy rate is close to 70% throughout the entire year.

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