Istanbul makes strong start to 2015, Russians stay at home

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The upward trend in Istanbul's travel and tourism industry continues this year. Istanbul got off to a strong start for 2015 that number of arrivals to the city continues to increase compare to previous year. Istanbul Culture and Tourism Directorate announced 8.8 percent increase in the number of tourists visiting the city in January 2015 compare to January 2014.

According to the statistics, a total of 591.496 tourists visited Istanbul in January 2015. Last year this month a total of 635.283 tourists arrived; an increase of 8.8 percent.

According to the entry of tourists, there is an increase of 8.5 percent using airports and 56 percent increase in arrivals using cruise ports.

2015 January
Atatürk Airport 573.209
Sabiha Gökçen Airport 111.569
Haydarpaşa Port 347
Karaköy Port 463
Karaköy Transit 4.082
Pendik Port 777
Zeytinburnu port 1.049
Total 691.496
Country 2015 2014 Change
Germany 51.123 46.458 10,04%
Iran 41.503 30.972 34,00%
Russian Fed. 34.199 41.691 -17,97%
USA 23.899 22.392 6,73%
UK 23.889 23.479 1,75%
Saudi Arabia 23.105 19.594 17,92%
S. Korea 23.067 19.236 19,92%
Italy 22.486 20.801 8,10%
France 21.931 20.499 6,99%
Libya 20.993 28.484 -26,30%
Ukraine 20.130 19.357 3,99%
Azerbaijan 18.725 15.859 18,07%
Iraq 17.995 13.974 28,77%
Kuwait 16.718 7.026 137,94%
The Netherlands 15.718 14.655 7,25%
Syria 15.673 14.124 10,97%

The growth in tourist arrivals from Istanbul’s main source markets is very promising for the city’s tourism industry as well as for the Turkish travel and tourism industry. There are only two sharp declines in arrivals; one from Russia and other from Libya.

There is an almost 18 percent drop in tourist arrivals from Russia which is a clear result of the Russian ruble's historic collapse. There is also 26 percent drop in arrivals from Libya that may be a result of political instability in the country as well as relations with Turkey.

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