OneRepublicOneRepublic, the American pop-rock band, who cracked the top of world music charts with their tracks “Apologize”, “If I Lose Myself” and “Counting Stars”, is going to take stage for the first time in Turkey on May 30th, 2015, Saturday in Istanbul.

After enthralling the attention for the first time with their hit single “Apologize” and cracking the charts with their tracks like “Stop and Stare”, “Secrets” and “Feel Again”, OneRepublic sold more than eight million singles. The Band will perform their hit songs like “Dreaming Out Loud” and Waking Up” alongside with tracks from their most successful album “Native” in Istanbul for the first time.

All participants regardless of their age need a ticket to attend the concert. Ticket holders below 15 years old, will need to be accompanied by their parents holding a ticket from the same category.

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