Bosphorus swimming race2016 1

Swimming between continents is something that few people in the world rarely have an opportunity to do. The Samsung Bosphorus Cross Continental Swim in Istanbul is excellently organized to offer this dramatic possibility to thousands of people every year. Istanbul’s open water swimming event in 2016 has been selected as the best event by the World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA).

The World Open Water Swimming Association announced the 2016 WOWSA Award Winners:

2016 WOWSA Man of the Year – Nejib Belhedi

2016 WOWSA Woman of the Year – Jaimie Monahan

2016 WOWSA Performance of the Year – Sarah Thomas’ Lake Powell Swim

2016 WOWSA Offering of the Year – Samsung Bosphorus Cross Continental Swim

Bosphorus swimming race2016 2The National Olympic Committee of Turkey has grown the 6.5 km point-to-point traverse of the Istanbul Strait from 68 swimmers in 1989 to nearly 5,000 applicants from 52 countries from all walks of life. Boat traffic in the strait is stopped once per year on this day when people challenge themselves against shifting currents and tidal flows with logistics and a wide safety net at their protection. Samsung Bosphorus Cross Continental Swim provides the self-satisfaction and challenge of a cross-continental swim from the Asian continent to the European continents to 2,200 swimmers, for organizing an aquatic challenge across a dynamic body of water in an iconic location, and for the joyful multi-cultural, multi-lingual ambiance of swimmers from around the world.

The 29th edition of the Samsung Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race will be held July 23 this year.