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Interest free installment plans for medical travel to Turkey with Longevita

hair transplantLongevita, Europe's leading medical travel group that attracts patients from over 100 countries to Turkey out of offices in London, Istanbul and Izmir, started to offer interest free installment plans for medical tourists seeking hair transplant, plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

Longevita's payment plans prepared in liaison with UK's consumer finance firms, help position Turkey as the leading destination for affordable high quality private healthcare. Longevita provides all inclusive medical travel packages comprising private medical procedures, luxury hotel accommodation, VIP private transfers, hosting and translation services to international patients who can now spread the cost over 12 months interest free.

Longevita Executive Director Kagan Seymenoglu stated "We are proud to be the first and only medical travel provider offering interest free payment plans to international patients. It is no question that price is one of the most important decision factors in medical travel. Financial institutions in Turkey would not lend to international patients because they would not be able to chase nonresidents to claim losses if the loans are not repaid. Similarly financial institutions in the UK would not lend against medical procedures performed in Turkey, because the qualifications of the healthcare providers are not valid in the UK. Longevita is a bridge between the UK and Turkey, addressing the differences in legal, health and financial systems across these countries. For example with our £1400 hair transplant package, patients can pay £200 upfront deposit and spread the rest of the cost over 12 months for only £100 a month interest free. In other words, it is now possible to get a FUE hair transplant in Turkey at Longevita for only £100 a month. The exact same procedure would cost £10000 in London, £6000 in Manchester or €10000 in Dublin. Similar 0% APR payment plans are available for other types of procedures such as breast surgery, rhinoplasty or dental implants. We are also pleased to contribute to the Turkish economy by attracting foreign capital through these loans originated in the UK while promoting the credentials of our doctors overseas. The plan in the near future is to benefit from the low interest environment in Europe and start offering longer terms in these payment plans. For example over 48 months, one should not be surprised to see Longevita offering hair transplant in Turkey for only £1 a day, less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks."

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