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Istanbul named the world’s most affordable shopping city

A new research from Marbles reveals the world's most affordable shopping cities for shopaholics and holidaymakers. The research finds the world's top 30 cities for a shopping weekend from a British perspective. Istanbul has been selected as the number 1 city for affordable shopping.

grand bazaar shopping

Marbles found the top 30 cities by number of overnight international visitors and then research on shopping costs, cost of the stay, flight time, and whether a visa was required.

Shopping cost was made up of the average cost of jeans, a dress, trainers, business shoes, a luxury souvenir, and smartphone.

The cost of the stay was made up of a flight cost, the cost of six meals, thirty beers, and six miles of taxi transport.

The top five cities for shopping were a mix of locations from all over the world. Have you been shopping in the best places in the world?

1. Istanbul – Turkey is renowned for its bazaars and street traders, and it’s common to haggle for all sorts of items. Along with affordable travel and only four hours of travel time, it’s the best place to satisfy your shopping needs.

2. Prague – As well as being a picturesque, historical city, Prague proved one of the best places to go shopping. Visitors should be sure to check out Manufaktura, the combination arts centre, shopping mall, and leisure complex.

3. Berlin – Easy to get to and cheap to stay in, the German capital’s highlight is chocolate producers Fassbender & Rausch Chocolatiers am Gendarmenmarkt.

4. Madrid – Sun, Spain, and shopping, Madrid’s top retail attraction is the Mercado San Miguel, a covered food market that offers a wide variety of gourmet tapas.

5. Bangkok – With the cheapest costs on local transport and hotels across the entire study, and low costs on food and drink, Bangkok is a very affordable place to stay – it’s pulled down to fifth on the list by its more expensive flights.

See the infographic below for top 30 cities.

most affordable shopping cities

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