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Visit Istanbul during Istanbul Shopping Fest

istinyeparkIstanbul turns into a more attractive shopping destination as the city prepares for the 7th edition of Istanbul Shopping Fest (ISF).

Taking place between July 1 - 16, ISF will offer discounts of up to 50%. Moreover, Istanbul's both modern and traditional shopping centers will host many activities during the fest.

"Visitors to Istanbul come not only to see the city but also to discover the culture and art of the city. There will be design contests, where the best designs will be selected, awarded by Turkey's Trademark Association. All the events will be held in nine different shopping malls," said Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Chairman İbrahim Çağlar.

Çağlar added that approximately 200 local and foreign designers will participate in the shopping fest. He noted that 15 artists will hold exhibitions and around 150 workshops and more than 30 music and dance performances will add joy to the shopping fest.

Designated "Design ISF" areas will be located at major shopping malls including Akasya, Capitol, Emaar Square, Forum Istanbul, Istinye Park, Kanyon, Palladium, Venezia Mega Outlet and Zorlu Center. These areas will provide an opportunity for visitors to meet famous designers like Bahar Korçan, Arzu Kaprol and Gamze Saraçoğlu and experience special design products including jewelry, accessories, furniture, ceramics, graphics, fabrics, books, stationery, glass, lighting and organic food.

The Uninvited Jazz Band, Tango Rojo, Can Türkkan, Arbil Çelen, Jülide Hatay, Deniz Güngör and Ali Deniz Kardelen will perform during the shopping fest.

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