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Turkish Airlines supports the Albanian Airlines Project

Albanian Prime Minister Mr. Edi Rama visits Turkish Airlines Headquarters in Istanbul. Albanian Prime Minister has attended a meeting with İlker Ayci, Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee of Turkish Airlines.

thy albania pm meeting july17

During the brief meeting with the journalists Albanian Prime Minister Mr. Edi Rama quoted; “We highly value this strategic partnership aiming to effectively unite the huge potential Albania has to grow thorough out the aviation sector and the global know how of Turkish Airlines. It certainly is treasured that Turkish Airlines, as being the airline that flies to more countries than any other, shares this know-how and experience attained during the past era of its growth. The kick off this partnership although will be in a smaller scale, yet we do target that it will expand in due course in line with market conditions”.

İlker Ayci said; “The progress of the civil aviation sector, a huge leverage for growth is one of the top priorities set by the Albanian government. Currently there are no Albanian airlines. Hence Mr. Edi Rama through such active leadership has densely been working on the establishment of Albanian Airlines which will connect Albania to the region and to the globe with immense quality concept. Also our expectation of the currently active Italian airlines to downsize their businesses creates a high business case for this great strategic partnership.”

Albanian Airlines is expected to kick starts flight before the end of 2017.

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