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7.4 million passengers flew with Turkish Airlines in August 2017

Turkey’s national carrier; Turkish Airlines welcomed around 7.4 million passengers in August 2017. This shows an increase of 14% compared to the previous year’s month. The available seat kilometers were up by 2.6% compared to August 2016. Compared to August 2015, available seat kilometers increased by 18%, number of passengers carried by 16% and demand (revenue per kilometers) by 20%.

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The carrier announced that the total load factor improved significantly by 5.7 points to 84.3%, while international load factor increased by 6.3 points to 84.1% ( August 2015 LF: %83.3, August 2016 LF: %78.6)

Excluding international-to-international transfer passengers (transit passengers), the number of international passengers went up by 40%.

In August 2017, cargo/mail volume is increased by 18%, compared to August 2016.

During January-August, increase in demand and total number of passengers was 5.5% and 6.1%, respectively, over the same period of last year.

During January-August, total Load Factor improved by 4.3 points up to 79%, while international Load Factor increased almost by 5 points, up to 78%.

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