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Istanbul is among the Best Cities to Spend a Weekend

A new study revealed world’s best 100 cities to spend the weekend. The study considered a set of factors while evaluating the top 100. Those factors include how easy a city is to navigate, the ease of finding accommodation and the number of green spaces. Istanbul, Turkey ranked in the Top 100.

bosphorus bridge

To highlight which cities are best for millennials, families and baby boomers, the number of social locations such as restaurants, bars and clubs were also included, as well as cultural activities such as museums, art galleries and theatres. In addition, safety and tolerance were factored into the research, looking specifically at data on women’s rights and safety, LGBT friendliness and the perception of security.

The results give an overall score for each city, but also indicate which destinations are best for three different types of travellers; millennials, families and baby boomers. As a company who lives and breathes weekend travel breaks, weekenGO undertook the study to define what exactly makes a city great for a short visit, and to help travellers of different age groups and dynamics to choose a destination which best caters to their interests.

The study began with the top 1,000 cities determined by the number of visitors based on the UNWTO. The researchers then analysed all of these factors to create a ranking of the top 100 best cities to visit for the weekend.

The study by online weekend getaway portal and app, weekenGO ranked London, UK at the top spot.

The table below shows a breakdown of the results for Istanbul, Turkey. Rankings for each category are out of 100, with 1 being the best possible rank. Scores are out of 100, and the higher the score, the better:

Istanbul, Turkey ranks 58
City Factors
Mobility (Ranking/Score) Walkability Green Spaces Accommodation
40 87.39 95 74.48 87 73.75 29 88.90
Dining Bars Clubs Music Venues
8 97.88 33 90.30 34 90.00 16 95.36
Concerts Cultural Events Museums and Galleries


and Cinemas

66 80.00 89 72.42 12 96.67 32 90.61
Safety and Tolerance

Women's Rights

and Safety

LGBT-Friendly Score Security    
100 71.88 58 82.73 95 71.52    
Best For...
Millennials Score Families Score Baby Boomers Score Total Score
79 82.16 79 81.78 91 80.91 84.26

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