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International Tulip Festival Kicked Off in Istanbul

The 13th International Istanbul Tulip Festival officially started on April 3, 2018 at the Emirgan Park. The tulip festival will be held from 1-30 April, 2018.

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The festival includes several activities such as music concerts, sports games and exhibitions, Also, the world's largest colourful tulip carpet will be on display.

Being  a national symbol of Turkey, tulips have had a major role in Turkish arts and culture for centuries. 

Tulip Festival is held each April and the city parks, squares, and gardens are amass with millions of tulips of every color. This year more than 30  million tulips of 125  different species have been planted throughout Istanbul, most of which adorn Gülhane,  Göztepe and Zeytinburnu Parks, Emirgan, Yıldız, Beykoz, Fethi Paşa, Çamlıca, Gözdağı-Pendik and Hidiv-Çubuklu Groves, and Sultanahmet Square. The result is a tradition of a splendid spring flower festival with bright splashes of color everywhere.

The IMM prepared the 4. time a Tulip carpet which is known as “the world’s largest carpet of tulips” in Sultanahmet Square. a 1,734 square meter tulip carpet that was made of 565,000 live tulips. The design of carpet is changing every year and the new one can be seen this year from 14.4.2018 onwards.


Emirgan Grove and Göztepe Park will host a number of activities every day between 10:00 and 19:00 during the 13th International Istanbul Tulip Festival. These activities include live music, painting, marbling and glass blowing performances, painting, sculpture and photo exhibitions.  Various tulip species and  tulip-themed products will also be on sale. Visitors can also apply for photo competition to choose the most beautiful 50 tulips of festival.

The amazing "Tulip Carpet", containing 565 thousand tulips, and total size of  1.734, will be  at Sultanahmet Square for the 4th time on April 11.

This year Maltepe coast will be hosting International Women Tennis Tournament on April 9-15 and  Inter Universities Beach Football tournaments on April 24-29.  

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Park and Green Area Directorate teams weaved the tulip carpet flower by flower in two nights at Sultanahmet Square. The carpet, which is a first in the world in terms of the living flowers it is composed of, created an outstanding sight and motif at the oldest square in Istanbul.

This year, a total of 30 million domestic produced tulip bulbs that features 125 different species of tulips were planted all around Istanbul. Five million of these tulips were produced in villages close to Istanbul while 25 million of them were brought from various provinces and districts of Anatolia. "

Main Tulip Gardens of Istanbul

* (A total of 2.250.000 tulips of 49 different species were planted in Gülhane Park) 

* (A total of 3.500.000 tulips of 125 different species were planted in Emirgan Woods) 

* (A total of 500.000 tulips of 45 different species were planted in Yıldız Woods)

* (A total of 500.000 tulips of 167 different species were planted in Bulbous Plants Park/Zeytinburnu) 

* (A total of 300.000 tulips of 25 different species were planted in Beykoz Woods.

* (A total of 1.657.500 tulips of 100 different species were planted in Göztepe 60th Year Park)

* (A total of 950.000 tulips of 41 different species were planted in Büyük Çamlıca Woods) 

* (A total of 850.000 tulips of 41 different species were planted in Küçük Çamlıca Woods)

* (A total of 300.000 tulips of 30 different species were planted in Fethipaşa Woods)

* (A total of 900.000 tulips of 30 different species were planted in Hidiv Çubuklu Woods)

* (A total of 500.000 tulips of 20 different species were planted in Gözdağı Woods)

The tulip has become a symbol of the city of Istanbul since the period of Seljuk Turks up until our present time and it has become worthy of aesthetic admiration in every part of the society and has affiliated with the Turkish Culture with these works, returned back to its original motherland.

The most beautiful tulips of Istanbul to be chosen… 

The most beautiful tulips of Istanbul will be chosen as a part of the International Tulip Festival, as is done each year. The photographs featuring tulips that blossom in every corner of the city will also compete with each other. Additionally, millions of tulips have been planted in the parks of Istanbul as a part of the festival.

Source: IBB

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