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Rent ‘n Connect and Europcar Partnership allows travelers to rent a car and 4G Mobile Hotspot in Turkey

Rent ‘n Connect and Europcar Partnership

Travelers can now pick up Rent ‘n Connect Mobile Hotspot from one of the biggest mobility service providers, Europcar, at their offices in the most popular airports and cities in Turkey. They can rent their cars and their 4G speed Pocket Wi-Fi from the airports and cities in Turkey and stay connected throughout their trips!

Traveling habits are changing and travelers expect more from the service industry and technology. People who travel hope to receive solutions that allow them to have the comfort of their homes and the same routine during their trips. The partnership between Europcar and Rent ‘n Connect offers a new solution to the problems faced by travelers. From now on, travelers can rent their cars through Europcar safely and effortlessly. Thanks to Rent ‘n Connect, they can also rent their 4G speed, Mobile Hotspot devices with unlimited access and avoid roaming fees and connectivity problems during their trips.

As a solution provider, keeping in mind their changing habits, Rent ‘n Connect offers travelers unlimited, 4G speed Mobile Hotspot to help them have Wi-Fi connection freely, just like they are home. London based startup Rent ’n Connect is offering unlimited data packages in more than 90 countries to help their customers have mobile connection without paying any roaming bills and to let them stay connected to their work, loved ones and social media without any limitation.



Co-founder and CEO of Rent ‘n Connect, Ozgur Gen states that ‘‘As Rent ‘n Connect, we aim to improve the traveling experience of travelers by discovering technological innovations and delivering them to our customers. We see our partnership with Europcar as a significant development. From now on, travelers won’t have to disconnect from the online world due to high roaming fees. They will constantly have access to 4G speed mobile connection anywhere they go, even at their hotel. We are pleased to include Europcar customers to our clientele in more than 90 countries.’’

Europcar, founded in 1949, is one of the biggest mobility service providers. Europcar provides services in 170 countries and promises travelers a safe car rental experience throughout their trips. It provides the best price, a large scale of automobiles for every need and additional services to their clients such as ‘‘Drivee’’ which provides a safe drive for the customer in case of any emergency throughout their road trip. With this partnership, travelers can easily rent their vehicles and their Mobile Hotspot devices from Ankara Esenboga Airport, Antalya Airport, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, Bodrum Milas Airport, Dalaman Airport, and Istanbul Taksim Square. They can also return their devices at the SAW Europcar point.



Europcar Turkey Member Board of Directors Fırat Fidan states that ‘‘As Europcar we continue to invest on innovations for Car rental sector around the world.  Accordingly, a short time ago we have included the ‘’Connected Car’’ system and ‘’Drivee’’ technology to our vehicles in order to bring our customers a safe and comfortable drive. Our partnership with Rent ‘n Connect also underlines the value we give to the innovative technology products and services.’’

 Rent ‘n Connect and Europcar partnership aims to provide safety, comfort and new solutions to the clientele of both parties and hopes to enhance their partnership by supporting each other.


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