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Türkiye Increases Speed Limits on Highways

Istanbul bridge highway

Türkiye's Interior Ministry announced the revised speed limits for automobiles on the country's highways.

With the approval of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, a new speed limit will be applied on highways for cars from 1 July.

As of July 1, 2022,



Edirne-Istanbul (European highway), Istanbul-Ankara (Anatolian Highway), Niğde-Mersin-Şanlıurfa (Niğde-Tarsus section, Tarsus-Şanlıurfa section) and Çeşme-İzmir-Aydın (Çeşme-İzmir section and İzmir-Aydin sections) highways. the current 120 km/h speed limit is increased by 10 km/h to 130 km/h,

The speed limit of the Sakarya-Kurtköy-Odayeri-Kınalı section of the Northern Marmara highway, Malkara-Çanakkale, Gebze-İzmir /Menemen-Çandarlı and Ankara-Niğde highways, which is 120 km/h, will be increased by 20 km/h to 140 km/h.

In addition, the speed limit of 120 km/h will be increased to 140 km/h by 20 km/h when the highways under construction and to be designed will be put into service.

otoyol yeni hiz limitleri

Within the scope of the application, which will start on July 1, studies on traffic markings on highways are also continuing.

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