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Turkiye Welcomed 32.5 million Travelers by August 2022

British travelers

Turkey hosted a total of 32 million 500 thousand 190 visitors in the first 8 months of 2022.

In the first 8-month period, Germany was the country with the highest number of visitors, followed by the Russian Federation in the second place and the UK in the third place.

The latest figure of 29.3 million marked a surge of 108.5% from a year ago, the Culture and Tourism Ministry said.

In August, the number of foreign visitors increased by 52.32 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 6 million 304 thousand 443.

Top Visitor Countries

In the ranking of the countries sending the most visitors in the first 8 months of the year, Germany is the first with a 105.73 percent increase and 3 million 850 thousand 816 people, the Russian Federation is the second with a 22.8 percent increase and 3 million 3 thousand 836 people, with an increase of 2,120,57 and 2 England (United Kingdom) ranked third with a million 360 thousand 404 people. Britain was followed by Bulgaria and Iran.

In the list of countries sending the most visitors to Turkey in August 2022, Germany ranked first with 858 thousand 265 people, Russian Federation came second with 806 thousand 505 people, and England (United Kingdom) came third with 550 thousand 156 people. The ranking was also unchanged in the monthly data, with Bulgaria in fourth and Iran in fifth.

Istanbul, Türkiye’s most famous city and its largest by population, was the top draw for foreign visitors, attracting 10.2 million tourists.

It was followed by the resort town of Antalya with 8.6 million visitors, while Edirne, a city in Türkiye northwest bordering Bulgaria and Greece, welcomed 3.1 million tourists.

At 3.85 million, Germans made up 13% of all visitors, followed by Russians at just over 3 million, Britons 2.4 million, Bulgarians 1.7 million, and Iranians at 1.5 million.

Sources: AA, Culture and Tourism Ministry

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