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Türkiye Issues Travel Warnings for US, Europe

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Turkish Foreign Ministry on Saturday, Jan. 28, issued travel warnings for the US and some European countries, citing rising incidents of anti-foreigner and racist attacks and growing religious intolerance.

"Protests are taking place across the US after a person named Tyre Nichols died after being subjected to police violence in Memphis, in the state of Tennessee.

"On the other hand, it has been observed that there have been anti-foreigner and racist verbal and physical attacks throughout the US recently," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.



The statement further urged Turkish citizens living in the US or planning to travel there to stay away from areas where the demonstrations are concentrated.

In a separate statement, the ministry said there has been an increase in anti-Islamic, xenophobic and racist actions in some European countries, as well as in propaganda demonstrations against Türkiye by groups affiliated with terrorist organizations.



"These developments, which reflect the dangerous dimensions of religious intolerance and hatred in Europe, clearly reveal the alarming level reached by racist and discriminatory movements in Europe," it added.

The ministry also called on the citizens to apply to the local security forces by acting calmly in the face of xenophobic and racist harassment and attacks, as well as to closely monitor local media outlets and to follow the additional warnings and announcements made by the local security forces, Turkish Foreign Ministry, Turkish embassies and Turkish consulate generals.

Source: AA


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