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AnadoluJet Launched Ankara - Bishkek Flights


AnadoluJet, the successful trademark of Turkish Airlines, on June 2, 2023, started direct flights between two capitals: Ankara and Bishkek.

Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, is one of the important trade centers of the historical Silk Road and the homeland of the Central Asian Turks.

Starting tourism activities between Ankara and Bishkek has become much easier thanks to the introduction of new direct flights between the two cities. This presents an exciting opportunity for both tourists and tourism businesses alike.



For tourists, visiting Bishkek has never been more convenient. With direct flights from Ankara now available, it is possible to reach the Kyrgyz capital in just a few hours. Bishkek, the lively northern capital of Kyrgyzstan, is situated at the northern edge of the Ala Too mountain range. The city is still reflecting its former Soviet Asian flavor with numerous green spaces, parks, and gardens alongside Soviet-era buildings and monuments. Cultural institutions, monuments, and a National Historical Museum all contribute to the cultural richness of the city. At Ala Too Square, a daily changing of the guards ceremony takes place. The Dordoy Bazaar, famous for Chinese exports, is a hub for shopping in the city. Check Bishkek hotels and things to do on TripAdvisor. Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Bishkek or an experienced traveler, now is the perfect time to plan your trip and take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

Ankara, Turkey's capital and second most populous city, is a modern European metropolis speckled with reminders of its varied history. Old castles and ruins from Hittite, Phrygian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman civilizations dot the landscape. The modern city includes government and state houses, major universities, military bases, consulates, bustling nightlife and the oldest park in the city, Genclik Park.



Ankara Bishkek June 2 Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun 23.55
Bishkek Ankara June 3 Mon, Wed, Sat, Sun 08.30

* Local Time


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