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Restoration Efforts Underway for Zeus Lepsynos Temple in Türkiye's Mugla District

Zeus Lepsynos Temple in Türkiye

Efforts are being made to restore the Zeus Lepsynos Temple, a remarkable ancient structure located within the Euromos Ancient City in present-day Milas district of Türkiye's Mugla province. Built in the 2nd century BC, the temple stands as a testament to the rich historical legacy of the region.

Abuzer Kizil, a faculty member of the Department of Archaeology at Mugla Sitki Kocman University and the excavation director of Euromos, has expressed the team's commitment to completing the restoration work as soon as possible. Kizil highlighted the significance of Euromos, describing it as one of the fortunate ancient cities in Anatolia, owing to its strategic location.

"Hopefully, by expediting the restoration process of this temple, we will contribute not only to our country's cultural heritage but also to the world cultural heritage. We have successfully removed the concrete debris from the temple," stated Kizil.



The restoration project extends beyond the Zeus Lepsynos Temple. Kizil revealed that work is currently underway in the Roman Bath, which dates back to the Late Roman Period. Excavations have uncovered a mosaic-covered bathhouse, offering a glimpse into the ancient Roman bathing culture.



"We have meticulously unveiled all the sections of the bathhouse. Despite some damages, we have identified various motifs, including geometric and figurative designs. Additionally, mythological fish motifs adorn the bathhouse, which features a pool. We are considering the implementation of a conservation and exhibition project that will vividly depict the essence of a Roman Bath to visitors," Kizil added.

Exciting discoveries have emerged from Euromos, particularly from the early Archaic Period, according to Kizil. These findings shed light on the city's origins and provide valuable insights into the cultural evolution of the region.

As restoration efforts progress, the restoration team at Euromos remains dedicated to preserving the historical significance of the Zeus Lepsynos Temple and other architectural gems within the ancient city. Their commitment to unveiling the past and sharing it with the world ensures that Türkiye's rich cultural heritage will continue to be celebrated and appreciated for generations to come. (AA)


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