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British Indian Couple Hosts 4-Day Luxury Wedding Extravaganza in Antalya

Indian wedding Antalya

A British Indian couple, engaged in business in the UK, chose the beautiful city of Antalya, Turkey, to host their luxurious 4-day, 4-night wedding celebration.

The grand affair was held at a 5-star hotel in the Belek Tourism Center, with preparations beginning several months in advance. The lavish event, which adhered to Indian traditions, attracted approximately 120 guests, including artists, staff, and chefs, all of whom travelled to Antalya specifically for the celebration.

Decorated with thousands of flowers, the venue for the million-dollar wedding was set to enchant. The festivities commenced with a welcoming party that marked the start of four days and nights of revelry. The second day saw families of the bride and groom perform traditional dances, followed by a henna ceremony. The third day was reserved for religious rituals, the 'Baraat' procession, and spirited dancing. The final day continued with various celebratory events.



Deniz Gülersan, owner of the company that organized the wedding, highlighted the economic benefits of such international events, especially ones involving participants from different countries, primarily the UK. Gülersan emphasized that Turkey boasts ideal facilities for such large-scale celebrations and that the potential should be fully exploited.

Gülersan's business partner, Katre Gülersan, echoed these sentiments, affirming that international events like Indian weddings contribute significantly to the country's economy. According to Katre, guests from various countries including India, the UK, Qatar, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA attended the wedding in Belek.



"These guests had never visited Turkey before. Here, they experienced warm hospitality, quality service, and delicious food. Naturally, they will want to return to Turkey, bringing friends along. This 120-customer event can turn into a 1200-customer event next year," Gülersan said.

The organizers emphasized that such events not only boost Turkey's economy but also enhance its global reputation. They pledged to continue their efforts in organizing such events that can showcase the best of what Turkey has to offer. (AA)


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